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Pay TV flicker

TVCab, NextTV (Viettel) and upcoming SCTV, K + plan to cut the package of foreign television channels, replacing them with cheaper channels. This has faced a fierce reaction from customers and posed to the television industry to pay a critical problem. The battle is tough Answering to the press, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong, Deputy General […]

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When the unified test recognizes that there should be a timetable Chen Kaiqiu, Ni Kemin, don’t flicker the people-united daily

(Kuching, 30th) Chen Kai, the political secretary of the People’s Federation ’s head office, believes that the DAP should be able to recognize the unification promise after taking power, and bear the responsibility of withdrawing from the government immediately, rather than for its own incompetence. make excuse.He said that the unified examination has not been […]