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Hacked by hackers, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and many blockbusters were revealed

Recently, Japanese gaming giant Capcom has been attacked by hackers with ransomware. Hackers steal data from upcoming games as well as the personal information of thousands of employees. Fortunately, customers’ credit card information and similar information were not stolen. At least this will still help the company retain consumer confidence. Information leaked by the hacker […]

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Interview with the production team of the similar Resident Evil game “Gu Po”: Plan to make a well-known IP within ten years

On October 15, the EA version of a horror adventure action puzzle game “Gu Po” was quietly launched on Steam. There was no overwhelming publicity and no online and offline marketing promotion. This game relies on strong Chinese elements. The background of the Miao Gu art and the puzzle design of each chain have attracted […]

American election - Great evil war
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American election – Great evil war

Share FB Share Twitter Comment US election November 3, the election results so far have not been decided. Even though China has vigorously reduced reports on US elections, the level of interest among netizens in mainland China remains unprecedented. On November 5, there were 4 articles about “American Elections” in Weibo which sometimes exceeded 6.41 […]

The director of "Resident Evil" revealed the reason why he created the character Alice!
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The director of “Resident Evil” revealed the reason why he created the character Alice!

#director #Resident #Evil #revealed #reason #created #character #Alice The director of the Resident Evil series recently revealed why he created a completely new character Alice to lead the story. Resident Evil series director Paul WS Anderson recently talked about the origin of Alice in his film. Alice is played by the director’s wife, Milla Jovovich. […]

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After Netflix, a new Resident Evil movie continues to be revealed with a cast of talented boys and girls

Last month, the gaming community was seething when Netflix officially confirmed the live-action TV series adaptation of the popular zombie survival horror series Resident Evil is in the works, and there will be a total of eight episodes. . A lot of gamers were already looking forward to what will be shown in Netflix’s Resident […]

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After half a year of launch, blockbuster Resident Evil 3 Remake has been cracked

Capcom has released a new update to the PC version of the Resident Evil 3 Remake aimed at removing Denuvo’s anti-piracy technology. Like the previous Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Resident Evil 3 Remake has previously used Denuvo Anti-Tamper software. Used as an anti-piracy measure Denuvo is designed to ensure that crackers can not easily […]

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14:39 Evil! Netflix documentary star arrested for tricking 13-year-old boy into shooting sex video

The 21-year-old male star Jerry Harris (left) of Netflix’s American cheerleading TV documentary “Cheer” was arrested and tried on suspicion of tricking a 13-year-old boy into filming a sex movie. (Associated Press) 2020/09/18 14:39 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The American cheerleader TV documentary “Cheer” released by Netflix this year, in which the 21-year-old male star Jerry Harris […]

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00:33 Scolded Xi Jinping for being “extremely stupid” and expelled from the party Cai Xia exposed the super evil deeds of “Xi Cong”

Cai Xia (left) criticized Xi Jinping (right) for being extremely stupid and expelled from the CCP. (The picture on the left is taken from Weibo, the picture on the right is a Reuters file photo) 2020-09-08 00:33:33 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Recently, the “anti-Xi” voices in China have become louder and louder. Cai Xia, a retired professor […]

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Resident Evil Village blockbuster has not been officially released, but has been blatantly clones on Steam

Back in June, Capcom announced Resident Evil Village – the eighth game in the hit zombie survival horror series loved by the worldwide gaming community. The next Resident Evil will come to PlayStation 5, Windows PC via Steam and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021. However, at the moment, some gamers develop a similar game […]