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Why do forces like Microsoft still live on iPhone and Android?

Unsuccessful with the Windows Mobile platform, software giant Microsoft was forced to rely on competitors. Windows 10 Mobile will be completely dead next year. Of course, Microsoft has been prepared, but instead of being self-reliant, it relies heavily on two of today’s strongest competitors: Android and iOS. Microsoft’s “investing” in iOS and Android began before […]

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Why don’t new customers come back?

New clients often don’t return for the following reasons, says Barry Moltz, an expert in startups and small business administration. Most businesses understand that getting their first customers to buy takes a lot of effort. Some businesses, especially those that do business on the internet, offer discounts on first-time deals to get new customers. Others […]

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Toys "R" Us, why should that?

The famous retail chain, which sells toys to millions of children for generations, will close or sell all of the stores in America. Unrecoverable After filing for bankruptcy protection in September and going through the festive shopping season, the company decided to close or sell all the remaining stores, according to the New York Times. […]

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How will the press in AI era?

Many news agencies using AI said that this technology helps reporters create quality products without “stealing their rice bowl”. It has been nearly 2 years since the Washington Post started to use AI technology (artificial intelligence) called Heliograf to produce about 300 news stories around the Rio 2016 Olympics events. Then, the Washington Post used […]

Apple Time Flies Event Summary |  Absent the iPhone12 but many products deserve 5 minutes of reading
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Apple Time Flies Event Summary | Absent the iPhone12 but many products deserve 5 minutes of reading

“Time Flies” – Apple event takes place at 0:00 on September 16 (Vietnam time). Unlike usual, this is an online event that seems a bit different when the company announced the Apple Watch and iPad without the arrival of the iPhone. In this article iDesign will summarize the main content of the event was announced […]

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Grab grabbed the bicycle

Besides cars and motorbikes, the company that offers ride-hailing is encroaching on another form of transportation, bicycles. Diversity of services Last week, Grab announced it would soon introduce its ride-sharing app for its GrabCycle electric bike and motorcycle. The app is expected to launch in the first half of this year, first in Singapore. This […]