Ericsson has just had its 100th 5G contract - VnReview
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Ericsson has just had its 100th 5G contract – VnReview

Telecom equipment firm Ericsson just announced it has reached its 100th commercial 5G deal with telecom service providers around the globe. Of these, there are 58 publicly announced contracts and 56 5G networks operating on five continents. Ericsson’s 100th 5G deal is an agreement with carrier Telekom Slovenije on Aug. 12. Ericsson has been working […]

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Telstra partners with Ericsson and AWS to establish a cloud innovation center

Ericsson and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced overnight at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona that they will collaborate on research and launch a hybrid cloud center for telecom service providers worldwide, and Telstra will be the first to cooperate Host. Ericsson’s goal is to use AWS’s industry expertise to expand its cloud […]

Flashback: Sony Ericsson W800 and K750
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Flashback: Sony Ericsson W800 and K750 showed the value of good branding

Sony once held some of the most valuable brand names in tech. The company practically invented the portable music player, the legendary Walkman. Also, its first digital camera came out in 1996, the Cyber-shot. However, the company didn’t handle the transition to mobile phones very well. The company – or rather its 50/50 partnership with […]