The new blue ocean of self-service equipment? "Iwo Wash" uses self-service laundry to cut into local life services
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The new blue ocean of self-service equipment? “Iwo Wash” uses self-service laundry to cut into local life services

#blue #ocean #selfservice #equipment #Iwo #Wash #selfservice #laundry #cut #local #life #services With the support of the Internet of Things technology, self-service machines have entered people‚Äôs daily lives, allowing consumers to purchase more flexibility and autonomy in time and place choices, such as self-service food in subways and shopping malls. Drink vending machines, shared power […]

Honda City e: HEV RS 2021 launched
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Honda City 2021 hybrid version is released, promising to cause storms with impressive performance and ‘genuine’ equipment

On November 24, in addition to the hatchback version, Japanese automaker Honda also introduced a hybrid version of the City car called Honda City e: HEV in the Thai market. It is known that the hybrid version of Honda City is only applicable to the RS 2021 model in this market. Honda City e: HEV […]

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LEXUS IS300H facelift published price: 1.89 million up, buy top equipment at entry price!

2,374 After the LEXUS general agent Hetai Motors launched a new IS pre-order on October 16, with its exceptional running appearance and evolutionary control, it has received widespread response from consumers, and after a month, the LEXUS general agent Hetai Automobile finally officially announced the new facelifted IS on November 16. For more test runs, […]

South Korea has a website that introduces you to love and negative feedback 1
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South Korea opens a website that introduces military weapons and equipment

(Source: According to Yonhap news agency, the Korea Defense Industry Association (KDIA) on November 3 opened a website to introduce domestic military weapons and equipment with the aim of promoting export of this item in the context of acute respiratory infections COVID-19. KDIA states that the website provides information on the 850 military […]

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: When we deploy 5G, we will have 5G equipment in Vietnam - Photo 1.
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When we roll out 5G, we will have 5G equipment in Vietnam

Delegate Nguyen Lan Hieu (An Giang province) asked the Minister of Information and Communication: “Is the deployment of 5G technology in Vietnam slow compared to other countries and investment efficiency?”. Answering questions of delegates, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed that Vietnam is not slow to make 5G. In 2019, we tested […]

Hyundai Kona 2020 launched in Malaysia, adding more modern equipment
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Hyundai Kona 2020 launched in Malaysia, adding more modern equipment

Model B-CUV Hyundai Kona 2020 has just been launched in Malaysia with 3 versions priced from VND 640 million, upgraded with many modern equipment. According to Paultan, Hyundai Kona 2020 was officially launched in Malaysia in the form of direct imports from Korea with 3 versions including: 2.0L version for 27,800 USD (about 640 million […]

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[QC] Huawei FreeBuds Pro: The pinnacle of audio equipment with “genuine” noise-canceling technology

Not only prominent with mobile phone devices, Huawei also proved to be a “giant” in the sound industry with the FreeBuds Pro headset. You are in the 4.0 era – the era of technology and streamlining. The surrounding equipment is increasingly being improved in the direction of being as modern and compact as possible. For […]

Scooter Yamaha NVX 2021
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Yamaha NVX 2021 officially launched to Vietnamese guests, scoring points with its ‘molting’ appearance and impressive equipment

On the afternoon of November 2, Yamaha Vietnam officially introduced the 2021 version of the NVX 155 VVA scooter model. It is known that Vietnam is the second market in Southeast Asia to announce this model, only after Indonesia. Scooter Yamaha NVX 2021 In the new generation, the Yamaha NVX 2021 has an overall dimension […]