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The effective executives

It is a fact that most CEOs with high productivity and low productivity have similar habits and behaviors during the working week, but CEOs approach the job as a leader. will be able to run the business more efficiently than those who always think they are managers. In a recent study, called CEO Behavior And […]

Garda CEO accuses CDPQ of authoritarianism

Garda CEO accuses CDPQ of authoritarianism

Stéphane Crétier. Photo: GardaWorld website In a press release sent Tuesday afternoon, GardaWorld also denounces a formal notice sent by the CDPQ to Stephane Crétier Monday, just before his interview with Radio-Canada, to urge him “to cease and refrain from issuing any false statement regarding the role played by the Caisse” in the G4S file. […]

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PNJ entered a new era

If you ask any investors about PNJ, the answer is about two impressions: the leader in PNJ and the retail network. In all reports, securities firms such as Ban Viet (VCSC), BIDV Securities (BSC), Bao Viet (BVSC), KIS, Phu Hung (PHS) … all recommend buying PNJ shares of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ). […]

The Fortune 500 CEO announces his intervention if Joe Biden doesn't take office on Jan. 20
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The Fortune 500 CEO announces his intervention if Joe Biden doesn’t take office on Jan. 20

Share FB Share Twitter Comment Fortune 500 executives say they are planning to intervene if Democratic candidate Joe Biden does not take office on January 20, 2021. Embed from Getty Images November 14, many media channels, including the Financial Times and CBS reported that at 7 a.m. on November 6, about 30 executives from American […]

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Why CEO Coca-Cola, Netflix, Amazon "call upon" failure?

Why do many successful business leaders like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Amazon, Domino’s Pizza “urge” their colleagues and the whole company to make more mistakes and fail more? Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company Magazine answered this question with specific evidence in an article on Harvard Business Review: Last May, shortly after becoming CEO of Coca-Cola Co., […]

Qiming Venture Capital's 12th CEO Cloud Summit Week will begin soon
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Qiming Venture Capital’s 12th CEO Cloud Summit Week will begin soon

#Qiming #Venture #Capitals #12th #CEO #Cloud #Summit #Week On November 18-20, 2020, Qiming Venture Capital CEO Cloud Summit Week came as scheduled. This 12-year event was hosted by Qiming Venture Partners.It aims to provide CEOs with an opportunity and platform to fully communicate and discuss, witness the pioneering power of technology and innovation, discuss the […]