Tactics to play better PUBG Mobile

Tactics to play better PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a free multiplayer tactical action game for mobile devices. In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, you’ll experience epic battles, solo, duo or team of 4 for up to 100 players on the battlefields, with multiple modes – Payload, Deathmatch and Zombie. The common goal is to survive and achieve victory. But the game has a few tricks to make sure you come alive in the end. This is the purpose of the article, to help you survive, indicating 5 tips for a good gaming experience, powered by Unreal Engine 4, with HD graphics and 3D sound.

the tips

The first thing to note is that PUBG Mobile offers both first and third person gameplay and the second is that at first glance, the size of the maps can paralyze you. But don’t be intimidated, little by little the battlefields will shrink – hang in there. The screenshots appearing in this text are reproductions from the official PUBG Mobile website.

1.Well-selected equipment: without being well equipped you
won’t be able to last long in the game At first, don’t think too much, take what you can, but as you go along, the weapons to restore health guarantee your health – vests and helmets are essential, as they prevent critical damage. Don’t belittle any item, all are important, even shotguns.

two.Concentrate and stay focused: As said before, the battlefield shrinks during the game. Tap the map icon to check your situation. You should be inside the white circle until the timer resets. If you stay out of it, you can suffer damage, including irreparable damage. So that this doesn’t happen to you, the tip is to move continuously. Attention, if you are in a red zone, get out soon! Because? These are bombing zones, temporary to be sure, but treacherous and random. You get out of them, the bombing stops.

3.Correct parachute jumps: as the objective is to get weapons and other equipment, it is best to aim accurately, otherwise don’t jump. The tip is to aim areas away from other players, but be careful not to fall into too open areas and become an easy target. Land near buildings, as it is a possible place to find useful items, abandoned or stored.

4.Freeze and crawl: good, quick reflexes is your salvation if you are shot at and don’t know where they are coming from. Look for a place nearby to protect yourself, heal if you were hit, the rule is to flee the place. Crawl or dive and swim, perfect tactics not to be seen, that work much better on land if you’re wearing your camouflage gear.

5.Don’t overlook the sounds: the tip is – use headphones. It is worth noting that sound is a fundamental element in the game. It allows you to locate enemies and their displacements within large and even small locations and also warns of approaching vehicles.

game download

For Android and iOS.

One last recommendation, don’t just look for standard sized characters, they can be bigger or smaller! Okay, with these tips you’ll have more chances to reach the end of the game alive,

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