Ta Dien: The impeachment that President Trump has finished is the disgrace of American democracy

Ta Dien: The impeachment that President Trump has finished is the disgrace of American democracy

The leftist impeachment TT. Trump’s dismissal is a farce, personal vent! The democratic system is taken over by evildoers!

According to news aggregate, the Democrats and Republicans of the US Congress reached an agreement on the impeachment hearing of President Trump just left office. TT impeachment trial. Trump will start February 8. There is information for that TT. Trump may respond to impeachment terms before Feb. 2. However, some Republicans said that the impeachment of the former president. Trump is out of office unconstitutional. What do people think about the impending impeachment? The Vision Times Chinese reporter interviewed Dr. Ta Dien, professor at Aiken Business School, University of South Carolina about this.

President Donald J. Trump (Photo taken on October 28, 2019 (Photo: Shealah Craighead / White House)

The leftist faction ignored the constitution and used impeachment politics in retaliation

It has been reported that some Republican senators have claimed that the Senate lacks the authority to judge the former president because Mr. Trump is an ordinary citizen. Dr. Ta Dien said: “This is a farce. This is truly a disgrace to American democracy. From there we can also see that these leftist politicians, they are actually going crazy. Like Alan Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, has said impeachment in itself is impeachment of a person holding a certain position. The purpose of impeachment is to remove the person from the public office, so that he or she is no longer in office. That way they will not be able to continue using their power to do certain things. Such is the original purpose of impeachment. Of course, we know that since TT. Trump took office, the impeachment was first used as a Democratic Party’s political struggle weapon to strike but was unsuccessful.

This time we also know, TT. Trump initially won the presidential election by a huge margin. After the left stole the election, they remained reluctant, but continued to be more frantic. Now they are working on what is called a second impeachment. The second impeachment, well aware that this is not constitutionally feasible, is in fact unconstitutional, but they continue to do so. In fact, the initial impeachment is inherently a very serious and very important thing in the American democratic political system. It is a very serious constitutional process, used to ensure the national institution, the interests of the state and the security of society as a whole. Now becomes a tool for political retaliation.

We see that many of the people involved, from the Speaker of the House to the current Republican leader and Republican senator, use impeachment as a tool of retaliation. politics, turning this into a way to vent anger, smear, continue to attack and harm TT. Trump. I think that’s very sad. In addition to discrediting the TT. Trump and out of anger, they also want to create the truth that TT. Trump was impeached. In this way, they will stop TT. Trump ran for election again in 2024 and became president again. So this really has a strong political purpose behind it. “

The impeachment lacks a practical basis, resembling the CCP’s persecution tactics

It is reported that the current approach of the House of Representatives makes Trump the only president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives twice. Dr. Ta Dien said: “We know that the first time was completely baseless. The second time was even more ridiculous. The reason for this impeachment is TT. Trump has “provoked” a number of attacks on Congress. I participated in TT’s gathering. Trump in front of the White House on January 6. I have listened to TT’s entire speech. Trump.

We support TT’s call. Trump and asked Congress to make the right choice. All TT supporters. Trump all expressed his wishes in peaceful ways, without any tendencies to violence. We emphasize condemnation of violent acts and tricks, as well as violent conflict. We also know that the real assailants of Congress were Antifa and “Blacks worthy of life – BLM” posing as TT’s supporters. Trump. Now, instead of chasing these thugs, they slander hundreds of thousands of TT supporters. Trump. This is a very wicked and disdainful thing.

Right now this incident [luận tội] really cannot be legally established. We see that the current left-wing approach is identical to the oppression and attacks of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China. ”

Tragedy: The democratic system is abused and appropriated by immoral people

Dr. Ta Dien believes that: “Now what is even more ridiculous and absurd than the Republican leader in the McConnell Senate. He even suggested extending the term of the President. Trump arrived in February to accept impeachment, the equivalent of asking the president. Trump comes back, continues to be president, and then impeaches him. So they see this type of impeachment as a trivia trivia, a democratic farce. I think this reflects some of the shortcomings of the democratic system. Especially when that system is abused or appropriated by some unscrupulous people, what harm will it do. ”

According to Alan Dershowitz, an emeritus professor at Harvard Law School and an American lawyer, pointed out in a public speech that, even if Democrats currently have a majority in the Senate, they still can vote to judge the former president. “However, this Trial will be unconstitutional.” Mr. Dershowitz believes that the Senate’s convictions will be worthless, and that Trump doesn’t need to worry about the outcome. If he decides to run for president in 2024, he is free to choose.

Mr. Dershowitz also criticized the censorship and deletion of user accounts on social networks today. Social media platform Twitter, online video platform YouTube and other media technology companies, all have been reduced to “Partisan political tools” and should not be protected by Section 230.

Ly Tinh Nhiem, The Vision Times

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