T-Rex Aero 3S: "Monster" 3-wheel drive, expensive price

T-Rex Aero 3S: “Monster” 3-wheel drive, expensive price

T-Rex Aero 3S: “Monster” 3 wheels

T-Rex Aero 3S is a sports 3-wheel car that is receiving the attention of the car fans when it is modified by the Aero 3S package at an expensive cost of up to 1.3 billion dong.

T-Rex Aero 3S has a completely lightweight fiberglass body with carbon fiber air vents and vents. Therefore, the T-Rex Aero 3S has a much lighter weight. In addition, the nano-windproof coated windshield system makes the car safer in the rain without having to use the wipers.

In addition, the entire body of the T-Rex Aero 3S is also brushed backwards to create a more aerodynamic feel. The car’s lighting system has been replaced with the option of a modern LED light or advanced halogen from the manufacturer. The exhaust system has also been updated to help the car work better with maximum power.

T-Rex Aero 3S uses an I4 engine with 4 cylinders in line for a capacity of 207 horsepower and acceleration from 0km to 100km / h in just 4 seconds. Vehicles using 6-speed electronic gearbox sequential sequence with belt drive.

T-Rex Aero 3S features a super expensive premium leather sports seat with multi-point seat belts. Besides, the car is also equipped with standard safety features such as: New airbag system, integrated screen with entertainment features and blind spot camera, … to help create the best conditions for drivers. .

Thus, with a cooler appearance and extremely powerful performance, T-Rex Aero 3S was dubbed the “beast” of three thousand wheeled lovers.

Thanh Dao

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