Syria urged Mr. Biden to withdraw his troops

Syria urged Mr. Biden to withdraw his troops

On January 21, speaking during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari urged US President Joe Biden to change foreign policy in Syria, where the show took place. War that lasted for nearly 10 years.

Syria does not call Biden and he is concerned about the country
Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari.

Ambassador Jaafari accused the US of using the war from many sides to steal the country’s oil reserves and other natural resources.

“The American occupation forces continued to plunder Syria’s oil wealth, gas and agricultural crops, burning and destroying what the country could not steal from us” – Mr. Jaafari said.

In his speech, he said that the US should withdraw its troops from Syria – a goal of the previous administration that they could not meet.

“The new US government must stop the actions of invasion and occupation, plundering the wealth of my country, withdraw the occupying forces from here” – said Ambassador of Syria.

Mr. Biden has experience with the highest-level fears associated with the war in Syria, as the war broke out when he served as Vice President under former US President Barack Obama.

At the time, the Syrian rebels supporting Biden called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign on allegations of “human rights violations”.

Years later, international calls for the removal of President Assad eased, as he tried to stay in power throughout the conflict, unlike most of his counterparts in the region. faced with the “Arab Spring” uprising.

In the latest developments just a day earlier, the US Army decided to send more than 200 troops with weapons and technical equipment from Iraq to Al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria.

According to SANA, a convoy of 45 trucks carrying military equipment, 7 armored vehicles and 1 fuel tank truck on Tuesday from Iraq entered the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah through the al-Waleed border gate. Illegal activities for a long time.

Syria does not call Biden and he is concerned about the country
The US has just increased its forces in Syria. Illustration

The Syrian news agency said that along with these large movements, the force moving on US military vehicles was also regularly strengthened to Syria by this route.

These troops will be sent to protect some key targets in Al-Hasakah and the Al-Omar oil fields, the Koniko gas field in Deir Ez-Zor province.

This is the second time since the beginning of 2020, the US has decided to increase its forces in Syria. In early January 2021, the US Force sent more than 40 trucks carrying military equipment from Iraq to northeastern Syria.

About 900 US soldiers are believed to remain in Syria – though the Trump administration has stopped releasing information about the number of soldiers remaining in the country since 2017.

When former President Donald Trump took office, about 500 US troops were stationed in Syria to help the US coalition, including the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), against the Islamic State (IS) group. .

That number rose to about 2,000 under the Trump administration, before he abruptly began withdrawing forces in 2018, prompting then-US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to resign.

Most of the remaining 900 US troops in the country continue to work with the Kurdish-run SDF, maintaining control of oil and gas extraction sites. The Trump administration has sought to bring US energy companies into the SDF-controlled region, operating without the Syrian government’s permission.

Mr. Biden was sworn in on January 20, and has yet to clarify his strategy towards Syria.

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