Syria received air strikes from the US base?
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Syria received air strikes from the US base?

(News 24h) – The Syrian air defense has just activated to strike back a large-scale air strike against the T4 airbase in rural Homs.

The attack took place at 10:23 a.m. on September 2 (local time) when Israeli jets launched multiple attack missiles towards the T4 base.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, the unusual thing about the airstrike this time is that instead of originating from the Mediterranean or the Lebanese border as before, the Israeli aircraft had departed from the US At-Tanf base. in Syria.

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Currently, the US and Israel have not made an official statement with the above information. But if confirmed, it is not clear when the Israeli aircraft arrived at At-Tanf and how they managed to bypass Syria’s air defense.

Either way, the airstrike has caused the Syrian air defense to activate and it is very difficult to respond. There were no damage figures on either side, but SANA insisted there were more missiles launched towards the T4.

The attack on the T4 is also the first time that Israel has attacked Syrian territory since the end of August. In the previous attack on the capital Damascus and southern province Daraa codenamed Enemy Air Defense Suppression (SEAD), the destruction of four SAA’s state-of-the-art air defense systems and many other targets was attack.

It is known that the T4 base has always been the thorn in Israel’s eyes, making it the target of a series of attacks in recent years.

The T4 was often used by Iranian forces to send ammunition to Syria to carry out actions against the Jewish State, Tel Aviv said.

“Iran and Quds Force (special unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps) are operating the T4 air base in Syria located near the ancient city of Palmyra with the support from the Syrian army and receive the approved by the Syrian government.

The base is used by the Quds Force as a place to transport modern weapons to Syria, for Hezbollah and Shiite fighters in the region, “the Israeli Army said.

During the airstrike on the T4 in early 2020, the Israeli Air Force launched a total of 10 missiles. However, only 4 missiles hit the base while the remaining 6 were intercepted by Syrian air defense.

The loss of four missiles resulted in one Su-24 attack and two other Su-22s destroyed. Fortunately, there was no loss of life even though at the time of the attack there were Russian, Syrian and Iranian troops in T4.

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