Syria elected to WHO Executive Board despite human rights repression

Syria elected to WHO Executive Board despite human rights repression

Human rights activists worldwide were shocked after Syria was elected to the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday (May 30), despite the country’s human rights abuses. President Bashar Assad, including his conduct of deadly bomb attacks on his own citizens.

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The decision has led to protests in independent areas of Syria, where medical workers have been targeted by the Assad government.

“On May 31, dozens of medical workers in northwestern Syria, held by rebels, protested against the decision to allow the government of President Bashar Assad to join the executive board of the World Health Organization. gender. They say Mr Assad is responsible for the bombing of hospitals and clinics across this war-torn country.” Independent newspaper reported.

The newspaper also wrote: “Decision to give Syria a place” [trong ban điều hành của WHO] comes exactly a decade after this country’s devastating civil war, which has left countless civilians – including many health care workers – dead and wounded.”

The change in WHO’s executive board was announced in a “session gets little attention” on May 30. “Syria was among 12 WHO member countries selected to be appointed as new members to the 34-member panel, in a vote of the council, and also did not argue or oppose the decision. this decision,‘ said the Independent.

Accordingly, Syria will officially join the organization’s executive board from June 2, and become one of the member countries allowed to have a voice in important decisions for the international health organization. economic. The WHO is now expected to have to resolve the issue of whether to further investigate the Chinese government over allegations that the COVID-19 virus leaked from the virus research laboratory in Wuhan, where it is believed to have started. source of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, WHO sent an investigation team to China to learn about the origin of the COVID-19 virus. However, according to the BBC, the group has informed global health authorities that the Chinese government has refused to provide important data needed for them to understand how the pandemic could have occurred and spread. spread so quickly. China did not provide investigators with any raw data on patients from Wuhan who were infected, and the researchers “just received a summary” about key data points.

Syria itself has its own problems. A report from Physicians For Human Rights notes, “In the last 10 years in Syria, there have been 598 attacks on healthcare facilities and staff medical, which mainly targeted 350 facilities and up to 930 medical professionals were killed.

Mr. Hillel Neuer, executive director of Human Rights Watch (UN Watch) also emphasized: “The Assad regime of Syria, with the help of its allies Russia and Iran, systematically bombed hospitals and clinics, killing doctors, nurses and others while they cared for them. care for the sick and injured. Medical professionals have also been arrested, disappeared, imprisoned, tortured and executed. The election of this murderous regime to the executive board of the world’s top health body is an insult to the millions of Assad’s victims and a really bad message.”

Syria’s civil defense officers also condemned the decision: “We feel so scared before the WHO’s decision to empower the Assad regime, despite the regime’s destruction of hospitals and killing of doctors. And this is also refusing to provide medical assistance to the Syrians by electing the Assad regime as a member of their executive board.”

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