Syria: Ankara wants a truce, not a truce

Syria: Ankara wants a truce, not a truce

Time for Russia’s ultimatum and the patience of Syria with rebels in Idlib running low

According to Al-Masdar News, on March 24, Idlib’s governor, Muhammad Fadi Al-Saadoun, said the Syrian government was exercising restraint, even though rebel groups repeatedly violated a Russian-Turkish ceasefire. deal on March 5.

“Syria is still exercising its full restraint to implement a ceasefire as Turkey wishes. However, the Syrian Army’s patience is running out of the situation in Idlib.”

According to Saadoun, it was Ankara that helped the terrorists to prevent joint Russian-Turkish patrols on the M-4 highway, to make the patrols solely Turkish, thereby ensuring the route lies. under rebel control.

Syria: Ankara wants to settle, you don't want to stop
Syria’s patience with Turkey and the rebels has dried up

On March 23, a second joint patrol between Russia and Turkey was carried out on the M-4 highway, linking Aleppo with Latakia. But like the first time, the patrol has been shortened, according to the announcement of the Russian Mediation Center in Syria.

Earlier, on March 20, Russia sent Turkey to the end of March to clear the safe area around the M-4 highway linking Aleppo-Latakia, but so far, pro-Ankara militants have remained refuse to leave this designated area.

“We do not accept terrorist groups that continue to violate the truce and disrupt joint patrols between Russia and Turkey on the M-4 motorway,” Saounoun said.

Ankara-Erdogan wants a truce, not a ceasefire in Idlib

On March 23, the Russian Mediation Center in Syria said Turkey committed to take measures in the near future to liquidate the extremist groups that have prevented the joint patrols between Russia and Turkey. M-4 highway.

However, military experts say that it is only Ankara’s postponement. Because since the ceasefire came into effect, Turkey has not only failed to comply but has also been violating with increasing frequency and severity.

Ankara is required to provide passage immediately along the M4 motorway to conduct joint patrols, but Ankara does not take any measures, even if the Russian military patrol convoy is repeatedly attacked. Force stopped.

Terrorists have even tried to sabotage the Russian military convoy, blockade the highway with steel blocks and concrete blocks, and block it with large dikes.

Moreover contrary to the provisions on the withdrawal of heavy weapons by the Turkish army, Ankara continues to introduce Idlib many advanced combat equipment. These are the launch systems of rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, tanks and various ammunition.

Syria: Ankara wants to settle, you don't want to stop
Putin is cloaked in Erdogan’s stomach, so he can read every trick of Erdogan

All of the vehicles and weapons that Turkey brought into Idlib after signing a ceasefire were identified as creating a shield for Ankara’s long-standing rebel groups.

Not only that, the Turkish military is also accused of having set up two new observation posts in Idlib. According to military experts, this only increases the tension in the area.

Ankara’s move surprised observers, because President Erdogan was so eager to have a ceasefire agreement that he had to swim to Moscow and had to convince President Putin for nearly 6 hours to get it.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Ankara-Erdogan wants to have a ceasefire agreement rather than a ceasefire, but this ploy will go bankrupt and its consequences are unpredictable for both Ankara-Erdogan and rebel forces. they sponsor.

Expiry of ultimatum for rebels and Turkey, Russia-Syria will eliminate Idlib base?

In the face of Turkey’s contradictory movements, Russia is also very impatient and it seems that Moscow is prepared to take action, which may be the deadline for ending Russia’s ultimatum to Ankara and the rebel groups. pro-Turkish army.

According to Al-Masdar News, Russian armed forces and Syrian government forces are ready to resume military operations to fight against pro-Turkish terrorist groups in the two provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

Moscow and Damascus have insisted they will conduct the next large-scale offensive, starting with the Russian Air Force strikes, followed by the SAA that will shell the rebel groups.

It seems that Moscow has been determined to eradicate Idlib, when in three consecutive days, the Russian Defense Ministry has sent at least three cargo ships with military equipment to Tartous Harbor in western Syria.

Syria: Ankara wants to settle, you don't want to stop
Russia’s LST ORSK 148 prepares for a major battle

Accordingly, on 22 March, the LST ORSK 148 of the Black Sea Fleet’s 197 attack ship brigade passed through the Bosphorus and entered Mediterranean waters, according to maritime observer Yoruk Isik.

On March 23, the turn of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Dvinitsa-50 was also seen passing through the Bosphorus, which was determined to be on its way to Port Tartous.

And on March 24, the Russian Comedian’s Pizhma cargo ship – which was punished by the US Treasury – was also seen passing through the Bosphorus to the Mediterranean, filled with containers believed to contain equipment. military equipment and technology.

Thus, the consequences of Ankara-Erdogan’s desire to have a ceasefire agreement rather than a genuine ceasefire in Idlib are unavoidable for both the rebels as well as Turkey itself, when Putin runs out of patience with his tactics. by Erdogan.

In the Syrian war, President Putin always helped Erdogan to “wish to be wished”, only that not “wishing, wishing” was always beneficial to Erdogan, because it was all a trick of Erdogan, but Putin always like clogs in Erdogan’s belly.

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