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Synthesize 6 evaluation criteria for a professionally designed and effective website


In order for the website to really become a useful support tool for businesses, helping to increase revenue and minimize operating costs, the website needs to have all of the basic functions. To learn more about the website evaluation criteria, do not skip the article below.

Website layout is designed, streamlined

One of the criteria website reviews The first is a professionally designed and effective website layout. Because it is closely related to the website interface design process as well as the future user experience.

This criterion ensures the aesthetics of the website, and is also arranged for users to be as easy to use as possible. Normally, there will be a certain number of rules in the layout of the website, but depending on the content and purpose that the website wants to show, it can be flexibly renewed according to the needs of each field or industry. profession.

Quality content to meet the needs of users

Content is the key to evaluating a website’s quality and effectiveness. This is also an important criterion for evaluating an important website that every business wants to invest in to do the best.

Quality content should meet users’ needs, regularly update new information about the business performance of the business and share it usefully for customers. This content must be invested in to make the customer feel confident.

A few tips below you need to keep in mind to build quality content for your website:

  • Regularly updated, there must be at least new content on the page every day
  • Diverse forms of content presentation: text, photos, infographics and especially video
  • Absolutely do not copy the content of other pages, please share useful information for customers from your own experience.

Page loading speed is optimized, fast

It is not natural that Google sets page loading speed as one of the criteria for evaluating a website, deciding to rank that website on its search engine. Google as well as other search engines value user experience first. Page loading speed is assessed to be fast when it loads less than 3 evaluation criteria

Websites that are programmed entirely by hand often dominate the optimization of the page load speed. Because they do not generate junk files in the process of running like websites programmed by WordPress.

Using high and advanced technology

Not the core of the website evaluation criteria, but programming technology is also a very important factor. Thanks to this criterion, the website can upgrade and respond to new functions so that the website is increasingly optimized with user experience.

One of them must be the Responsive technology that makes the website compatible with all screen devices. This programming technology helps to optimize search engines and improve the security of the website.

Hand code, absolute website security

Website security is always an important criterion for evaluating the website because it determines the maintenance of the website, avoiding hacker attacks. Website security depends on many factors such as security technology, data storage … but the most important thing is programming source evaluation criteria

This criterion helps to optimize the page load speed. More importantly, hand-coding also helps absolute website security because it does not contain open source code.

Well optimized for search engines and users

The final criterion for evaluating a professionally and effective website is to optimize search engines and users well. Here is understood as using programming technologies and bringing standardized article content to help tools recognize your website better.

When you do good search engine optimization, you have partially optimized the user experience. Do better by building perfect touch points on the website, welcoming customers on the itinerary they visit, from the moment they enter, find out information until they are about to leave the website.

To ensure the best website evaluation criteria, it is advisable for businesses and individuals to choose a reputable and professional website design unit to help you in the process of website operation. Most prominent is Bizfly – the technology company most trusted by users evaluation criteria

Bizfly always makes sure that the website fully meets the above criteria, helps your website run smoothly and optimize the user experience with the most advanced and modern programming technologies. In particular, Bizfly is also website design unit upon request100% hand-code source code at extremely competitive prices in the market.

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