[SYM]The 48-period 0-interest rate program can easily advance to life

Taiwan’s land is narrow and densely populated. The traffic in the city is often crowded every day when commuting to and from get off work. Many precious time is wasted by driving in the car array. There are many unfriendly regulations and inconveniences when riding a white-brand motorcycle. Large heavy machinery has the flexibility of locomotives and most of them have the right of way compared to cars. In particular, the comfortable riding experience of the single-cylinder big sheep and the maintenance cost of the people are favored by many commuters.

Act now and easily control the dream of heavy machines

In order to allow more riders to enjoy the friendly right of way of a large heavy machine, SYM especially provides 48 installments with zero interest rate for its two yellow card heavy vehicles: Joymax Z suggested price is 149,500 yuan (excluding license insurance and setting fee) And other costs, limited to 109 year cars), each phase only needs 3,115 yuan to easily upgrade the heavy vehicle family; Cruisym recommended price is 188,000 yuan (excluding license insurance and setting fees, etc., limited to 109 year cars), and each phase only costs 3,917 Yuan, the number of discounted vehicles is limited and will end when sold out (according to the actual announcement on the official website)

Urban Ranger is easy to control and safe

Joymax Z is a car model tailored by SYM for urban commuting. The 278c.c. water-cooled engine with a lightweight frame provides good handling and is also equipped with the German BOSCH ABS anti-lock braking system, which is safer and more advanced. In addition, it also provides large storage space, adjustable goggles and double yellow warnings. The lamp meets the needs of the rider.

A good choice for a gentleman of texture for commuting travel

Since its launch, Cruisym has been widely praised by the market for its comfortable riding triangle and excellent driving experience. The low seat height of 760mm, the best angle of 130 degrees and the large-capacity storage space make cycling a life enjoyment; Four calipers + floating disc and German Bosch ABS system protect the safety of the rider. Whether it is a daily commute or a holiday outing, Cruisym is the best partner of the rider.

For product information, please refer to the official website: https://tw.sym-global.com/product.php

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