SyMenu: How to save and run programs from your stick

SyMenu: How to save and run programs from your stick

SyMenu is a USB application that can work even with your computer’s hard drive. You can customize it in a simple and fast way by adding links from Portable programs, files, folders, and URLs. The function is as follows: after downloading the application, unzip it to your hard drive (in a folder) or USB Stick. Open the folder and run the SyMenu icon. You will see the app icon appear below in TaskBar and click download apps.

In the next tab, select the programs you want to install and click Apply All, wait a while until the applications you selected download and install.

If you have an older version installed the program allows you to upgrade it by tapping on the application and then clicking the button Update. Finally, after you have finished installing your programs, right-click on the icon again, and run the application you want.

SyMenu: 6.10.7325

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