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SYM water-cooled “JET X 125” flagship debut!

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Just released actual cars such as KRN BT, SYM today launched JET X, which is known as the flagship model in the JET series. Coincidentally, yesterday, GPX in Thailand also announced the new model “DRONE 150” in cooperation with SYM! It seems to be a twin model with JET X. Then~ Will JET X replace the current SYM Fighter 150?

However, according to the media information released by SYM today, it seems that this is not the case. The JET X corresponding to the European market uses a water-cooled four-valve 125c.c. engine, which is different from the GPX DRONE 150’s displacement setting. It may be due to the laws and regulations of different countries and there are differences in displacement. In many export models, it is common for the same model but different displacements. Then this flagship model based on the European market will have a chance. Import domestic sales? Currently unknown,

Let me draw a key point first:

Use 125c.c. water-cooled engine.
LED lamps are used throughout the car.
Keyless keyless system.
Front and rear 14-inch wheels.
LCD colorful instrument.
Double discs front and rear.
Adjustable preload of rear shock spring
Equipped with ABS / CBS mechanism.
QC 2.0 USB power supply system.

More aggressive appearance

From the front of the car, JET X adopts a more European style design, with short goggles and glaringly shaped separate headlights, which gives it a more sporty feel. The design of the inverted Y-shaped daytime running light is not the same as the previous models, and the overall vision is more technological.

The horizontal LCD and colorful liquid crystal instruments are also a must. The overall layout is a bit of the design vocabulary of automobile instruments in the late 1980s. The tachometer and speed are in the middle, and the rest of the driving information such as fuel gauge, mileage and voltage is clear at a glance. It is designed to automatically adjust the brightness of the meter according to the ambient light source, allowing the rider to maintain the best visibility.

Right handle assembly: from top to bottom respectively; power-off switch and engine start button. The parking warning light is located in front of the assembly.

Left-hand handle assembly: from top to bottom respectively; far/near light switch, direction light, horn. The PASS light is located in front of the assembly.

The front brake uses one-way dual pistons with 260mm discs, and the brake assist is also available in two forms of ABS/CBS.

The import of Keyless is to make JET X more textured. The Keyless assembly similar to Maxsym TL is quite intuitive in operation. Different from GPX DRONE, there are two choices of Keyless and traditional keys, while JET X is listed as standard equipment.

The storage space is also one of the characteristics of JET X. The glove box on the left side of the front of the car is quite sincere. The box is equipped with a QC 2.0 USB socket, so that the power supply of 3C electronic products such as mobile phones is no worries.

JET X adopts the common keel body design of European cars, but what is more special is that the fuel tank is not placed on the front pedals like other cars with keel body design, but is designed at the rear of the cabin.

The cushion adopts a long design, and a piece of red leather is used as the interval between the front and rear seat gaps, which makes the monotonous cushion more lively.

Due to the location of the fuel tank, JET X’s cushion storage box has a capacity of only 18 liters. It should be no problem to insert the 3/4 cap, but the full cap can be… It’s strange to say that they all adopt the keel design, why didn’t the fuel tank be moved forward to make the storage space larger?

The pedals for the rear seat passengers are not like the spinning design common in domestic cars, but use a similar design of the gear car.

JET X uses a water-cooled four-valve four-stroke engine. The rotor rocker arm is designed to effectively reduce the running resistance. The maximum power can reach 9.5Kw, about 12ps.

Adopt the side-mounted water cooling row design.

Both front and rear are disc brakes, and the wheel diameters are set corresponding to the 14-inch large wheels commonly seen in the European market.

The rear lights are also quite modern.


The release of JET X allowed car fans to see SYM’s strategic car model layout. DRONE, which was produced in cooperation with Thailand’s GPX, is focused on the Southeast Asian market with huge business opportunities, and the development of twin car models also has unlimited possibilities. However, for consumers in Taiwan, this type of car with keel design seems to be a niche, so whether it will be sold in the domestic market depends on the market’s response. As for where the new fighter is, can you reveal it?

I’m uncle, see you next time.

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Original source: SYM JET X 125 flagship debut

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