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The domestic brand Sanyang SYM’s yellow card sports two-cylinder speed Keda Maxsym TL 500 was launched in November, with a sporty appearance, abundant two-cylinder power, good sports performance and a super-discount of 268,000 yuan. The price has swept the domestic car scene, and the pre-order volume has also exceeded the 1,500 mark. The discussion volume among online riders has always been very warm. In the past few days, SYM also held roving test rides in North, Central, and South China. This flagship yellow card sports sheep interested car friends can be a kiss, and Moto7 also collected the experience of field test riders in the form of a form, summarized the four advantages and three major disadvantages of Maxsym TL, and analyzed Maxsym TL separately Strengths and weaknesses.

Today’s main character: SYM Maxsym TL 500.

Four advantages recognized by Maxsym TL

First place: excellent value for money (60%)

The Maxsym TL with a suggested price of 288,000 yuan (pre-sale price of 268,000) is quite generous in terms of equipment. All car lamps are LED-based to enhance the appearance. The instrument uses a 4.5-inch TFT digital display. In addition to the switchable menu to view driving information, There are also three panel modes that can be replaced; the convenience is equipped with the standard TPS tire pressure detection system, Keyless, etc .; suspension and braking are at any cost. A 41mm inverted fork is equipped with a 275mm dual disc paired with four radiation. The calipers and the rear suspension use six-link rods with pre-loaded adjustable bottle suspension shocks. The full sincerity has dropped a shock bomb for the sports Sukda market.

The 4.5-inch TFT dashboard is also quite recognizable under strong light, and has a variety of information display pages, and the driving information can be clearly grasped.

Second place: excellent physique and vehicle dynamic response (47%)

After the test ride, most riders believe that the 43-degree inclination of the Maxsym TL is deep enough and the control feel is accurate. The 41mm inverted fork and six-link rear shock absorber bring stable cornering dynamics, 50:50 counterweight and the same level. The shortest wheelbase of 1,543mm also makes the body quite flexible and lightweight. He doesn’t feel his weight is as high as 220kg. In addition to the suspension with proper materials and adjustments, the frame design of the Maxsym TL uses a fixed-lock engine design to focus on the rider and separate the engine from the rear rocker arm, reducing the burden on the rear wheels. In addition, the extended aluminum rear swing arm also improves the stability of Maxsym TL during high-speed riding.

The large inclination, short wheelbase and 50:50 front and rear counterweights make the Maxsym TL closer to gears in terms of dynamic performance.

Third place: the dynamic response following the pass (40%)

Different from the CVT belt drive system used by the general speed keda, Maxsym TL uses wet clutch and chain transmission to improve the power transmission and reduce the start-up shake and belt slippage of the sheep. After the test ride, I also think that the acceleration starts sharply and has an engine braking feeling similar to that of the gear. With the newly developed 465c.c. DOHC water-cooled four-stroke parallel two-cylinder engine developed by SYM, it can have[email protected], 750rpm maximum horsepower and[email protected]The maximum torque of 250rpm, and the torque curve is specially adjusted. It has a wide and stable torque plateau, which emphasizes low and medium speed acceleration. It is quite practical for urban riding and mountain running, and is also praised by test riders.

The chain drive is not only more efficient in transmission, but also easier to check in daily maintenance.

Fourth place: simple and dynamic running appearance (40%)

The handsome appearance has also attracted the attention of many riders. Maxsym TL outlines a trendy look full of sports with rich polygonal lines, two-color body matching and uplifting visual effects. The four reflective LED flying headlight systems (double near and far) and the LED optical film flying tail lights at the rear of the car embellish the body with a sense of future technology that is different from that of ordinary Sukda. The concentrated lines in the rear direction are even more It exudes the charm of a gear car. No matter from which angle it is viewed, Maxsym TL has its own unique beauty.

Concentrated upturned exhaust pipe tail section to verify the running identity of Maxsym TL.

SYM Maxsym TL recognized three major shortcomings after the test ride, please see the next page!

Maxsym TL SYM Editor’s Choice