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SYM KRN BT, MAXSYM 400, JOYMAX Z+ real car appreciation! The concepts of KRN BT Urban and Scrambler editions are released simultaneously!

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The SYM new beast Kirin KRN BT, announced in the form of an online auto show two weeks ago, aroused heated discussions on the Internet through its strong style, double triangle platform and inverted fork configuration. Today (11/16) Moto7 received SYM Invite to appreciate KRN BT, electric car EF3, single-cylinder luxury big sheep MAXSYM 400, high C/P yellow brand sheep JOYMAX Z+ and large wheel diameter speed Keda Symphony ST and other cars from close range. KRN Urban and Scrambler are also released simultaneously Version of the concept map, let’s take a look at all the details of KRN BT with Moto7!

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SYM KRN BT published online: Inverted fork, double triangle platform, Maxsym TL increased displacement, and a variety of Scooter debuts simultaneously!

KRN BT real car debut!


This year, Kirin KRN BT, the latest model of the Spirit Beast series, was released. The unicorn combines the characteristics of the dragon and the horse. The unicorn is naturally curious and likes new things, so it can also bring people with unlimited vitality and the power to seek new and change. KRN BT car design cooperated with Austrian KISKA design company, combined with BT Series’s consistent “Art-Fusion” design vocabulary, the Kirin’s strong forearm, compact body and flexible features are integrated into the design, simple car body design is fast Dismantle the mechanism and change the visual appearance of any part of KRN BT at any time. KRN BT is implanted with an inverted front fork and a double triangle platform, which can respond to any terrain strength; a compact and dexterous body with strong low-speed torque, combined with an exposed anti-collision guard bar and a short tail license plate frame, allows riding Passengers can enjoy the excitement of having fun while driving KRN BT.

There are goggles above the headlights.

The golden inverted fork is quite eye-catching.

The lock is located in the center and there is no storage space on both sides.

The power supply hole and hook can be seen on the side.

The oil hole cover is located on the foot pedal.

The front brake system is a one-way dual-piston disc brake.

The instrument is a monochrome LCD screen with abundant information.

The difference between the empty front of the KRN BT and the general scooter can be seen from the side of the car.

The front assembly also has a double-triangle configuration.

The lines at the tail are also very neat, giving priority to functional orientation.

The yellow bumper on the side of the car is one of the features of KRN BT.

There is KRN Yin lettering under the taillight.

The concept of Urban carries a sense of future and technology.

Scrambler is designed based on unrestrained play.


Joymax Z+ adopts a new headlight appearance, and the double eagle-eye LED headlight is visually more powerful. In terms of riding comfort, it is equipped with an adjustable back cushion, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the rider to find the most suitable riding posture. The electronic control is also equipped with a tracking anti-skid control system to improve riding safety; as for QC3.0 fast charging, it is also standard equipment.

The headlights are upgraded from halogen bulbs to binocular LEDs.

The lock part maintains the traditional key configuration.

The backrest of the chair cushion has an adjustable function to satisfy knights of different sizes.

The new Joymax Z+ adds TCS anti-skid patrol, which is a safety check for car owners.


The Maxsym 400i, which is positioned as its flagship product, has a facelift. In addition to the entire vehicle LED light system, it is also equipped with a TCS tracking anti-skid control system, the frame is reduced by 18%, the intake efficiency is changed, and the needle bearing valve is installed. The rocker arm makes the engine efficiency not only in line with Euro5, but also effectively improves the mid-start performance.

The goggles can be adjusted manually without the use of tools.

The headlights also use LEDs.

MAXSYM 400 is equipped with a convenient Keyless system.

Tracking anti-skid is also equipped simultaneously.

Symphony ST

The large-diameter scooter is very popular in Europe. The reason is that the flexible body and enlarged wheel frame can easily travel through the city. The new Symphont ST inherits the car’s DNA, and the overall shape still retains the existing elements of fashion and elegance, but in the subtle The fold line of the noodle block adopts a cleaner and more dynamic design.


EF3 is the only electric car model exhibited this time. It uses a very rare aluminum battery. SYM claims to use the latest fast charging technology, which can greatly save the user’s charging time, and aluminum battery technology has excellent charging and discharging characteristics. With integrated windshield and three-wheel setting of front, one and two, it is more suitable for commercial use.

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