Sword and Shield Pokémon – A Champion Raid Event

Are you dying to take advantage of confinement to build a team of champions? You’re probably going to want to take a look at this opportunity the Pokémon Company offers you to get competitive monsters in just a few minutes. Indeed, once again, Pokémon Sword and Shield start a new Raidfighting event dedicated to the most popular creatures in the metagame.

You read that right, so this is an event that offers the limelight to the most popular creatures on the competitive scene. This is a golden opportunity to get the most famous monsters with their hidden talents, special abilities and competitive IVs without having to spend hours going in circles in front of the pension. A boon !

In short, we have beaten enough. The nominees are none other than Tyrannocif, Farfaduvet, Motisma, Togekiss, Dragapult and Minotaupe. All these beautiful people can be met today on the condition of updating your Bulletin des Terres Sauvages. You no longer know how to do it? In your normal menu (not on the Comm Link), simply select the icon dedicated to the Mystery Gift and then choose the option updating the Wilderness Bulletin. Therefore, to you the joys of hunting the most popular monsters on the competitive scene!

If you want to participate in the event, don’t hang around since no end date has been announced so it might not last long. Pokémon Sword and Shield are Nintendo Switch exclusives. And you ? What is your team’s cornerstone Pokémon?

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