Sweet fruit from Nestlé’s persistent effort to understand Vietnamese users

For two consecutive years receiving the Apac Effie Awards, Nestlé Milo has affirmed the right strategy to contribute to changing prejudice and bringing sports closer to Vietnamese children.

In the past, for many Vietnamese parents, academic achievement was considered a “measure of success” for children. In the journey of reversing upstream to contribute to changing that concept, Nestlé Milo experienced many challenges to receive the nod of accompanying parents, bringing sports closer to Vietnamese children, helping children to develop fully. physical and soft skills.

“You look at this friend, every year is a good student”, “I have to try to learn parents to be frowning to the neighbors” … are familiar sayings, which clearly show the point of view that is deeply rooted in potential knowledge of most Vietnamese parents: The score that determines a child’s success.

Summer comes, instead of enjoying the rest after a long school year, children will be scheduled a “show run” with extra classes.

But besides book knowledge, soft skills from life will help children develop comprehensively. A solid future needs to be built on a good foundation. Parents should not let children focus only on learning but also need to encourage them to exercise their physicality, endurance, and the spirit of standing up after each failure. And to do this, sport is the best teacher.

Ali Abbas, Head of Milo and Milk, Nestlé Vietnam, said: “In previous years, most Vietnamese parents thought that children need to focus on learning, and academic achievement is still a measure in child development process. When it comes to sports, people are often aware of ‘playing’ sports. Sport is considered a way to help children relax healthily and improve health. But the role of sport for the comprehensive development of children has not been appreciated.

In contrast, Nestlé Milo believes that “sport is a great teacher”. Through sport, children will learn valuable values, that is passion, teamwork, perseverance, determination to become true “champions” in life. Along with that, sport helps children healthier and more active, comprehensive physical and mental development – what parents want.

With that understanding, Nestlé Milo boldly inspires and encourages the community, especially parents, children, towards an active, healthy lifestyle through sport-nutrition activities. .

However, the journey upstream to change the concept that is firmly embedded in parents’ thinking is not an easy thing to overcome. “We are constantly researching efforts to understand consumers better. We interact with children and parents through programs throughout the year to understand their needs and desires, ”said Mr. Ali Abbas.

Dynamic Vietnam and a series of other programs have been launched since then with the goal of supporting the locality in the sports movement activities, providing sports equipment in schools, encouraging parents to create favorable conditions. for children to regularly exercise. A series of activities including the Phu Dong Healthy Football Tournament, Ho Chi Minh City Student Basketball, Vovinam, Citywide Swimming, Energy Summer Camp …

From the initial meager number, after 3 years of implementation, nearly 350,000 mothers have committed to work with the Vietnam Dynamic Program to nurture the dynamic Vietnamese generation; 2.5 million children across Vietnam have access to sports organized or sponsored by Nestlé Milo during 25 years of Milo’s presence in Vietnam.

The sweet fruit that the brand earns from its enduring journey of understanding customers, making bold decisions: Bringing sport closer to Vietnamese children.

“We can see a recent shift in parents’ awareness of sports. Vietnamese parents are more concerned about the role of sport in children’s development. The number of teams participating in the HCMC School Festival Basketball League – Nestlé Milo Cup has increased significantly, from 60 teams to 156 teams after 14 years of organization. We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of school sports through the Vietnam Dynamic Program, ”Mr. Ali said.

Its efforts to change Vietnamese consumer bias have been recognized with the APAC Effie Awards for two consecutive years. This not only confirms the trust of customers with the brand, Nestlé Milo’s position in the hearts of consumers, but also helps the company create a great reputation in the regional media industry.

According to Ali Abbas, marketing (marketing) is a way to help brands get closer to consumers. From there, customers have the opportunity to better understand the products and brand contributions to the economy and society.

Mr. Ali commented that the Vietnamese market has a lot of potential for development because parents are always interested in and aiming for the comprehensive development of children. Good products, in accordance with the needs, along with effective communication strategies will help brands build trust with consumers.

“Through 25 years of development, through marketing communications, we have created opportunities for more than 2.5 million children across the country to participate in sports activities. We have inspired and motivated many children to accompany Milo, contributing to the building of a dynamic, healthy Vietnamese generation, ”said the Milo and dairy industry manager at Nestlé Vietnam.

To create an intuitive approach and attract the target audience, the creative element plays a prerequisite. With Milo’s campaigns, the company begins with the message “Sport is a great teacher” and wants parents to be aware of the importance of sport to the comprehensive development of children, as well as the price. rule the life that sport brings. The team of Nestlé Milo with a passion for doing unusual things, and the desire to achieve their goals did not hesitate to try this unique marketing project.

“We appreciate and appreciate the employees at Nestlé – who have made great contributions to the brand’s success today. We have great ambition and are proud to work for a multinational company as well as a big brand that has made a great contribution to Vietnamese society, ”said Ms. Le Bui Thi Mai Uyen, Senior Manager Milo brand group, Nestlé Vietnam.

Talking about the goal this year, Mr. Ali said that Nestlé Milo will expand the Vietnam Dynamic program. This is not only a marketing activity but also a positive impact on Vietnamese children every day.

Graphic: Hoang Linh

Giang Di Linh
* Source: zing News


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