Sweet and sour ♪ Strawberry double cream eclair
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Sweet and sour ♪ Strawberry double cream eclair

Sweet and sour ♪ Strawberry double cream eclair

90 minutes

Introducing the recipe of “Strawberry Double Cream Eclair” and how to make it. Eclairs with a basic cream puff and plenty of sweet and sour strawberry and cream. It is a very satisfying dish with a great volume. It looks pretty and is perfect for gifts and hospitality.

Writer : macaroni chef Emo


Former cooking class instructor. Currently working as a macaroni cook. I love eating and drinking. Good at making sweets and Italian.


(6 pieces)

  • Soft flour
    30 g
  • Beaten egg
    1 piece
  • Unsalted butter
  • milk
  • water
  • salt
    a little
  • custard cream

    • egg yolk
      2 pieces
    • sugar
      40 g
    • Soft flour
      1 tbsp
    • milk
    • Vanilla oil
      Appropriate amount
  • topping

    • Strawberry chocolate
    • Dry strawberry
      Appropriate amount
    • Strawberry
      6-7 grains
    • Fresh cream (octopus stand)


・ Return the material to room temperature.
・ Sieve soft flour.
・ The oven preheats to 190 ℃.
・ Wash strawberries thoroughly with water, remove the pieces and cut into thin slices.

How to make


Make the shoe cloth. Add water, milk, butter and salt to the pan and heat over medium heat.


When the butter melts and boils, turn off the heat and add the soft flour and mix until dry.


Heat again on medium heat and heat with a rubber spatula until a white film forms on the bottom of the pan.


Transfer to a bowl and add beaten egg little by little, mixing well each time.


When half of the dough is scooped up with a rubber spatula and lifted, the dough slowly falls, and when the dough remaining in the rubber spatula becomes an inverted triangle, transfer it to the squeezing bag.


Squeeze on top of the baking sheet. Bake at 190 ° C for 18 minutes and 170 ° C for 10-12 minutes. When it’s baked, take rough heat.


Make custard cream. Add egg yolk and sugar to the bowl and mix until whitish.


Add soft flour and mix. When the powder is dry, add milk little by little and mix well each time.


Add vanilla oil and mix, then wrap in a soft wrap and heat in a microwave oven at 600W for 50 seconds. Once taken out, mix well and heat again at 600W for 50 seconds.


After taking it out, wrap it exactly and put a cooling agent etc. to quench it. After removing the rough heat, cool it in the refrigerator and put it in a squeezing bag.


Cut the top 1/3 of the puff pastry and add ⑩, strawberry and fresh cream in that order.


Cover with a shoe cloth, apply coated chocolate, and decorate it to your liking.

Tips and points

・ Since the amount of dough added depends on the egg, add it little by little while adjusting. A guideline is to pick up the dough and drop it into an inverted triangle.
・ Please be careful as opening the oven halfway can cause failures.

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