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Suzuki TU 250X – Light Bike Nake For New Bike

Suzuki TU 250X is a familiar clutch in Europe and the US but is still strange in Vietnam, partly because of the price of 13.5 thousand USD, equivalent to more advanced brands.

Recently retro style (a nostalgic trend from the 40s to the 80s of the last century) suddenly emerged, making the classic 250cc bicycles with the Saloon design of the 1980s were marketed. aggressively hunted down.

Dimensions including length x width (including steering wheel) x height are 2,070 x 750 x 770 (mm)

The Suzuki TU 250X 2013 has just been imported in Hanoi is a very basic roadster, frame used with the ‘Su’ cars familiar to the Vietnamese market such as GN 250 or Glasstracker of Suzuki. However, there are minor changes in the structure to make the car easy to operate, not as flexible as the tracker but for a very classic driving feel. To achieve this TU 250X is fitted with a longer rear arm that can comfortably accommodate an 18-inch rear rim, in addition to a pair of soft rear shock absorbers that are similar to the shock absorbers of Retro XL 230 Honda locusts.

The shoulders of the car form a large triangle to help the car more compact

The fuel tank and the lamp are designed quite large compared to the overall layout, when the driver can feel all the classic look is flying in front of you with a round meter, large and deep dipper, the fuel tank surface. wide and soft, low chrome handlebar. With such characteristics of driving and sitting position, whenever accelerating or cornering, the feeling will be “compact and firm”.

It is especially important that the shoulders of the vehicle (the center area of ​​the handlebars) create a large triangle between the steering column and the two shock absorbers, and of course the wheel axle will have to lie between the shock absorber body. before. With just these two basic elements, the car becomes taller and drives more. That is also the reason why Suzuki’s TU 250X is an export product group, with main markets being Europe and North America, where the players only care about the feeling of the road that the car gives them.

TU 250X is equipped with two separate saddles, the rear seat can be removed and replaced with a stable freight rack for long-distance travel.

Vehicle structure has “prime” this is a Scrambler car (style off-road). TU 250X comes fitted with two separate saddles, the rear seat can be removed and replaced with a freight rack for excursions through the forest. Although the rear shock absorbers are caught at the end of the driver’s seat, the frame is immediately molded, helping to ensure stability for passengers.

The 250cc engine is naturally cooled, so the power is always more powerful than the gentle appearance of the nostalgic vehicle.

Suzuki TU 250X 2013 is equipped with a naturally cooled 250cc engine, so the power is always more powerful than the gentle appearance of the nostalgic vehicle. Experience the TU 250X with both the driver and the rear passenger, total weight up to nearly 300 kg but the car can always pass the truck sweetly when it is necessary to throttle off. Therefore, the northern mountain roads will be a great destination for this car. SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) technology makes TU 250X cylinders of light weight, low fuel consumption but high power, outstanding performance and durability equivalent to engine cooled solution. The circular radiator fins while designing the engine block are almost unchanged compared to the Suzuki 250cc models that have been available in Vietnam. However, with only one driver, the car will feel a bit overload. Perhaps in part because the gearbox has changed to match the Scrambler configuration of TU 250X.

The sensitive electronic injection system makes the output power always effective. The exhaust is quiet and hot for a long time, but meets current European emissions standards.

Suzuki TU 250X does not try to push the driver to go faster, it brings a sense of relaxation with just enough power to meet many needs, such as the nature of the Scrambler line. All design details are subtle and convincing, although the fuel tank and lamps are slightly larger than the layout, but this is a common problem for 250cc cars for the European and American markets.

Currently the reference price of the car is 13,500 USD.

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