In addition to the strong off-road strength and compact body that the car series has always been known for, it also has a square shape and angular profile that are super similar to the MERCEDES G Class. This also makes Jimny’s fourth-generation JB74 become the current global automotive industry “God car” has naturally become a new guest in the modification world! Although its own power is oriented towards performance, the Gruppe M, an expert in air intake enhancement for vehicles, has also specially introduced RAM Air enhanced air intake system with a shape, effect and material that are completely in line with the performance of a sports car. The engine room is more sporty…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: “Visual Horsepower” Soared! Suzuki Jimny MK4 High Sensitive Enhanced Air Intake by Gruppe M
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

The exterior shape of the car has been changed from the sleek outline of the previous generation to the square outline of the Jimny Mk4, even though the original SUZUKI factory claimed that this change is only to return to the design genes of the first and second generations, but it was accidentally derived to look very similar to the MERCEDES W463 G With the added value of Class, car fans around the world are amazed, and in addition to the upsurge of selling to a large shortage of cars in the new car market, it has naturally become a fried chicken in the eyes of modified brands! Even if the chassis and appearance are changed to strengthen the mainstream of Jimny MK4, there are still alternative car owners who want to completely transform the weak power of it, so this off-road car with no original power and taste will certainly appear on the market. Power upgrade parts. Even if the external turbocharger kit has the most powerful upgrade effect, the maximum output of the engine can easily exceed the spectrum of 200hp, but the output orientation is too abrupt. Unless the street is generally flat, it is actually not suitable for rugged terrain that needs to be climbed. From a comprehensive point of view, it is not as practical as NA changes!

With the original Jimny MK4 K15B engine, its displacement is only 1.5L, so even if it is purely used for urban transportation, there is no need for a major change in NA. If you want to improve the smoothness of the output of the whole transfer, you can upgrade it through peripherals. Gruppe, a Japanese car intake expert with beautiful shape and high texture, has the most high CP value and has always had obvious upgrade effects. It also specially developed a dedicated RAM Air Carbon Intake intake upgrade part. Even if the power of Jimny MK4 is only practical, Gruppe M does not discount this enhanced air intake system at all, including high-flow air intake, dust-proof design and even pipeline materials. It adheres to its consistent high-tech and high-quality concept, so In addition to the measured power upgrade effect of the horsepower machine with 6.6hp and 0.5kgm, the beautiful and textured carbon fiber intake pipe and filter element dust cover also make the entire engine room more attractive and performance. It can be called a Jimny MK4 boutique Excellent modification!