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Hi everyone, this is SYL, owner of SUZUKI GSX-R150! I recently started university, and I started at the beginning of last year. This small Aru that has been popular in the Taiwan light car market since 2017 has finally decided to enter the pit after hesitating for a long time. Car! But before becoming the owner of Little Alu, I stumbled across some wrongdoings.

Hello everyone, I am SYL of GSX-R150!

Like many riders, I also started with domestic light-duty cars. Because I was worried that I could not control the car, I chose HARTFORD’s Xiaoyunbao for the first car. Although the seat is as expected, light, and easy to use, what do I always feel is missing? It didn’t take long before I tried to cross my friend’s NK Cool Dragon and found that I could touch the ground with both feet! It wasn’t long before I started with Xiaoyunbao, I sold it immediately, started a NK cool dragon, and started my road to stalling.

First encounter with Little Aru

In 2017, Xiao Alu was introduced to Taiwan, and everyone rushed to change cars. The price of 128,000 was a bit expensive for me as a student. I chose to wait and see for a while, but I watched various test drive articles and riders’ experiences. , Has long made me excited. I once rented a car with a friend. After renting the GSX-R150, I felt that “I still really like this car very much.” At that time, I was thinking about working for a long time, thinking about it for a long time. I wanted to say that I did n’t have a lot of money at hand. I might as well buy it with a loan.

Riding on the GSX-R150 on a certain trip made me love this car.

The first time I rode on Alu, I felt his greatest advantage-the light weight of the car. At that time, I also considered a two-cylinder Ninja 250 or HONDA’s CBR150R, but because I used to ride the cool dragon before The weight is too heavy, and I often cannot support the reverse, so I very much hope to find a light and easy-to-handle car on the weight of the car. At the same time, my budget was not generous, so I chose this GSX-R150.

Little Alu’s features of affordable price, high seating capacity, and light weight are quite attractive to me.

Since most of my motorcycle ride is for commuting, the GSX-R150 is very light and easy to handle. It is very important for me. The narrow body design is particularly useful when drilling. As a light sports car, although it is slightly forward Yes, but short commutes are not uncomfortable. The one-button start and Keyless, which are also standard with SUZUKI, are really convenient. Just put the sensor key in the bag, and you can start it directly without having to find the key for a long time. This is one of my favorite features.

Equipped with Keyless, I don’t have to look for the keys for a long time every time I ride a bicycle, which is a very convenient design for me.

If you want to say that there are some shortcomings of Xiaolu, the hardest thing to ignore is his headlight. Although the aesthetics are different, the unique appearance design still makes me dislike it. The other thing is that it is very difficult to sit in the back seat. Everyone who has sat in my back seat agrees, although this is a non-war crime of sports appearance.

Although the back seat is not good, I still like the sporty rear lines and tail lights!

The gap between the Japanese version of Aru and the Taiwan version

In terms of power, what I like most is his high-rotation performance. The air-cooled engine of DOHC makes Xiao Aru’s high-rotational power extension very outstanding. When the speed reaches 11,000rpm, the maximum horsepower erupts, and the power continues to emerge. Really fascinating! However, the emphasis on the dynamic characteristics of high-turn extension also makes the low-turn performance slightly weak. On the whole, the GSX-R150 not only can run in the mountains on holidays, but also has the mobility of a car, which is the model that best meets my needs at this stage.

I went to Japan a while ago, and I rented a local Aru ride in Japan to see. The Japanese Aru ’s displacement is different from the Taiwan version, only 125c.c., the power is for me Very fun, after returning to Taiwan, I looked at my little Alu even more! As a light-duty car, Xiao Alu not only has excellent power performance, but also a long-cherished wish that I would like to ride a covered model.

When I was a cool dragon owner, I made a lot of modifications to my car, but I still couldn’t get the feeling I wanted, and I also suffered a lot. After changing this GSX-R150, although some places are not satisfactory, I choose to accept the imperfections. The car will have advantages and disadvantages, but Xiao Alu is really a price-friendly and suitable for girls The car model, maybe I will want to change the car after I have more income in the future, but for me it is the end of my stage. After I graduated, I was still looking for the future. I hope to go bravely with this little Aru!

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