Suzuki Celerio 0% tax has landed in Vietnam

Suzuki Celerio 0% tax has landed in Vietnam

The shipment of 0% Suzuki Celerio cars has arrived at Vietnam port, which has been a feverish information for many days with the expected price.

Not only is a small car rated as having a durable engine, Suzuki Celerio is also highly appreciated when docked in Hiep Phuoc port – Ho Chi Minh City with the selling price forecasted to decrease when enjoying 0% tax, more here is the first shipment of Suzuki Celerio cars to Vietnam in 2018.

suzuki celerio 2018Suzuki Celerio

On the Vietnamese automobile market before July, Suzuki Celerio models are almost automatic transmissions and the price of Suzuki Celerio is still high because they have not enjoyed 0% tax exemption. The price of the Suzuki Celerio is about VND 330 million for the manual version and VND 350 million for the automatic version.

The shipment to Hiep Phuoc Port – Ho Chi Minh City is the first phase with the number of about 200 units, the second phase will arrive in Hai Phong port at the end of July 2018 to timely distribute to the Northern automobile market.

Suzuki Celerio is imported CBUSuzuki Celerio is imported CBU

Suzuki Celerio has the advantage of being a complete imported vehicle, but the number of units sold by Suzuki Celerio is predicted by experts will not be high because competitors such as Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Morning is very heavyweight. Another disadvantage is that the price of Suzuki Celerio cars in Vietnam is subject to 30% of the fee and the car does not have too many new or upgraded points.

In terms of overall assessment, Suzuki Celerio has a simple exterior design, not too prominent compared to other cars in the segment. Because the safety and entertainment equipment on the car is too minimalist, not many consumers prefer to choose, because of the reason that some locally assembled cars are priced at the same price, but the equipment is more diverse. Because of that, the number of Suzuki Celerio vehicles sold in Vietnam in 2017 is not over 100.

Exterior, car interior is quite simpleExterior, car interior is quite simple

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On the exterior, Suzuki Celerio retains the old design, not much innovation. The interior of the car still uses hard plastic and felt, the steering wheel does not have integrated keys and mechanical keys. 3-cylinder car engine, 1L capacity with both manual or automatic transmission options, this is another point of Suzuki Celerio. Minimum safety equipment includes seat belts, 2 airbags and anti-lock braking system.

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