Suspected of having Russians arrested during the American riots?

Suspected of having Russians arrested during the American riots?

(News 24h) – Russian Ambassador to the US said he was monitoring the arrest of suspects related to the US riots.

On January 9, the Russian Embassy in the US issued a statement on suspicion that Russian citizens were arrested after the chaos at the Capitol.

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Russian Embassy in the US.

TASS quoted a statement posted on Facebook of the Russian Embassy in the US on January 8, saying that Russian citizens were not among those arrested or injured in the January 6 chaos at the building. The US Congress is also known as the Capitol.

“The Russian Embassy in the US is closely monitoring developments regarding the incident in Washington, and at the same time has asked the US State Department for information about the presence of Russian citizens among those arrested. or victim. So far no official confirmation has been made “- the official in charge of diplomacy said.

The Russian Embassy also emphasized that it would be ready “to provide consular and legal support for fellow citizens” in case of need.

Previously, the Washington Post reported that one of the detainees, at a court in Washington DC, requested a Russian translation.

At the time, referring to 40 accused accused of illegally trespassing public property, the paper said, one person said they needed a Russian interpreter and told the judge: “I don’t It is clear what illegal entry he is referring to. “

According to the US newspaper, a person was arrested with possession of military-style automatic weapons. Another was charged with assaulting a police officer with a hockey stick.

They were among the thousands of protesters marching on the Capitol to support Mr Trump’s claim that he had lost a fraudulent election.

On January 7, Bloomberg quoted Michael Sherwin, acting US Attorney General in Washington, as saying that the authorities had accused 55 people of charges related to the chaos at the Capitol.

Director of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Contee, informed that 68 people were arrested in Washington from the afternoon of January 6 to the morning of January 7 due to their involvement in the incident.

Up to now, many people have lost their jobs or been ostracized because of their involvement in the riots.

The Washington DC Police Department released photos of people involved in the January 6 riot and warned they would face the proper penalties. In it, 68 fanatical protesters were arrested after breaking into a US Congress building, smashing windows, damaging and stealing many belongings.

Among those appearing on the Washington police photos, one was identified for wearing an employee ID of the Maryland company Navistar Direct Marketing. This person was later fired by the company.

Libby Andrews, who is a broker at a real estate agent in Chicago, was also fired by the company. However, the woman says she did nothing wrong and has never entered the Capitol.

Paul Davis, a lawyer in Texas, fell into a similar situation. After comments on social media showed that Davis had participated in the protest, Goosehead Insurance terminated his contract with him.

Pictures shared on Facebook also show Rick Saccone, a professor at Saint Vincent’s College in Pennsylvania, who was present outside the Parliament building on Jan. 6. The school opened an investigation to determine if he participated in a violent protest.

However, Mr. Saccone sent a resignation right after that. He said the decision to quit would be better for the school, although he insisted he never walked through the doors of the Parliament building.

Do you think there are Russians caught in the My loan?
Protesters once conspired to attack MPs and Vice President Mike Pence.

Even the CEO of a technology company called Cogensia Bradley F. Rukstales was arrested by the police on charges of illegally entering the Capitol.

“I have followed hundreds of people, through a row of open doors into the Capitol. The decision to enter the building is wrong, and I regret it, ”said CEO Cogensia, saying that without any qualifications, a law-abiding citizen completely condemned the rally.

CEO Cogensia also regretted bringing shame to family, colleagues, friends and “fellow countrymen”.

“It was the worst personal decision in life. I have no excuses, wish I could take them back,” Rukstales said.

In a statement released later, Cogensia, Rukstale’s company, announced that he had quit his job to investigate further. Rukstale has been CEO of Cogensia for 19 years.

Over the years, Rukstale has donated thousands of dollars to Republican politics, including $ 2,600 for President Trump’s campaign, and $ 2,400 to the Republican National Committee (RNC). October 2020, according to Open Secrets.

Protesters in the US on January 6 are said to carry a dangerous conspiracy instead of just outbursts to delay the counting of electoral votes.

Security experts who followed the incident said photos and videos of the scene seemed to reveal that in addition to causing riot, some of the members who broke into the bicameral seemed to have more serious plans, including including the possibility that they might want to kidnap important characters. If not evacuated quickly, lawmakers and even Vice President Mike Pence could be targeted by the conspiracy, according to

The above question comes from the photos that show some people breaking into the building with helmets, wearing bulletproof vests and possessing a variety of weapons, combat tools, even more than security forces. building protection. Some carry guns and carry plastic cables, also known as folds, – a tool that police often use to control multiple targets at once.

Do you think there are Russians caught in the My loan?
Protesters occupy the US Congress building.

Many of the people involved in the riot were former policemen or veterans and these were people who seemed to be knowledgeable about tactics and able to plan out, different from the spontaneity of those without knowledge and experience. experience.

According to military experts, Mr. Pence could be the target of the protesters’ direction. Previously, President Trump said that Mr. Pence has the power to reverse the election results on the “decisive day” 6/1. Mr. Pence had intentionally denied this, and declared he had no “unilateral authority” to decide the election.

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