Suspected illegal farmers openly burn forest fire in South Lake, Mirijet Road-united daily

(Newspaper, Miri, 21st) Suspected illegal fires caused by forest fires caused by public burning.

The forest fire incident occurred at 12:54 this afternoon in the area of ​​South Lake, Permai Jaya, Mirijet, and the Luo Bingxiao rescue team immediately dispatched a fire truck and 7 firefighters to the scene to carry out the fire fighting operation.

The Na Ying Group’s voluntary fire brigade also joined the support at the same time, together with the consumer rescue unit to extinguish the forest fire to prevent the fire from spreading to the Nanhu area. The firefighting operation of the Consumer Affairs Bureau ended at 4.45 pm.

Suspected illegal farmers have caused forest fires in the area of ​​South Lake, Perak Jaya, due to public burning.
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