Suspected as the most successful female celebrity with cosmetic surgery, she was ridiculed for "head changing" because she was too beautiful

Suspected as the most successful female celebrity with cosmetic surgery, she was ridiculed for “head changing” because she was too beautiful

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The impression of entertainment stars is glamorous, with a very nice skin, but not every entertainment star is born with beauty. Now that the technology is very advanced, many stars have embarked on plastic surgery. Road, make your dissatisfied place more perfect.

This is especially obvious among female celebrities. Some people have a huge change in appearance when they first debuted. Here are four female celebrities who are considered by netizens to be the most successful in plastic surgery.

First of all, Ju Jingyi, known as the “first beauty in four thousand years”, is indeed one of the top beauties in the entertainment industry based on her current appearance. The only shortcoming is her height. If she can have a 1.70 It’s more perfect around meters.

In recent years, Ju Jingyi has captured many fans by virtue of her excellent appearance, and has won many TV drama heroine roles. In film and television works, her face and upper body are usually featured in the film, which undoubtedly maximizes her advantages. .

Netizens picked up photos of Ju Jingyi participating in the competition in the early years. When compared with the facial features, they were completely changed. Not to mention, they really didn’t think they were the same person. They were also mocked for “head-changing”, but now Ju Jingyi’s face looked at it. It looks very natural, it doesn’t look like a knife has been used at all.

Xiong Dailin, who had been in love with the “king of heaven” Aaron Kwok for 8 years, and even talked about marriage for a time, is definitely a goddess, with fair skin and beautiful long legs!

But there are also many people who questioned that she had undergone plastic surgery and took out her early pictures for comparison. There was not much change in her facial features. The only obvious thing is that Xiong Dailin’s face was a partial face with Chinese characters, but now Xiong Dailin has directly become a standard melon seed. The face, after all, is there, and there is no trace at all.

Yang Zi, a well-known child star named Yang Zi, is also one of the most questioned female celebrities by netizens due to “A Family Has Children”. Since she became famous at a very young age, her appearance left a deep impression on people and grew up. After that, with the help of some film and television dramas, many netizens lamented that “Xia Xue” had grown up and became more and more beautiful.

However, some netizens think that Yang Zi’s appearance has changed a lot from when she was young, and questioned that she had undergone plastic surgery. Now Yang Zi can play very well if she wants to talk about her appearance, but the reason why she is so popular with the audience is more because of her excellent acting skills!

The last one is Angelababy. Because she has a very beautiful and perfect face, netizens combined her previous photos for comparison, making baby the most questioned female celebrity on the Internet.

Different from others, baby chose to be tough with those who questioned her. She posted a video on social platforms of her appraising whether she had plastic surgery at a plastic surgery agency, but after such a real deal came out, some people still questioned her again. Do you think the baby has had plastic surgery?

How many male stars have plastic surgery? Look at the comparison of these male stars before and after plastic surgery

As a public figure, the face is the most important part. It can be said that in this circle of watching faces and eating, the plastic surgery of various female stars is not surprising, and the special changes in the appearance of female stars are also everyone The topic after dinner. But do you know? It’s not just these female stars who go for plastic surgery to make themselves beautiful, more and more male stars have also joined the ranks. Let’s take a look at how many male stars have undergone surgery, and their before and after comparison What is the picture like.

The first is the artificial beauty baby’s husband Huang Xiaoming. Xiaoming’s face has always been questioned. Huang Xiaoming used to look like a “cock” with high hairline, wide cheeks, wide nose, single eyelids, and square chin. There is a country atmosphere. Look at the face, skin, tall nose, and double eyelids of Guazi today. These changes have to be questioned.

Because “Old Nine Gates” has become the god of thousands of young girls, William Chan was also very different from the present. Chen Weiting’s old photos are also a bit handsome, but now his chin is very different from before, and now his double eyelid, big eyes and tall nose make his entire popularity field stronger.

I think it’s Wu Yifan before. I guess there will be a lot less incidents of gunshot appointments. Wu Yifan’s awl face is still very different from the previous square chin.

Hawick Lau, compared with the present, there are huge differences, eyebrows (shaping, the biggest change), eyes (opening the corners of the eyes, cutting double eyelids), nose (rhinoplasty, reducing the alar), lips (repairing the thickness of the lip), teeth (repairing) The front is the rabbit’s buck teeth), the forehead (full forehead)

Starring in “Little Times” made Chen Xuedong popular, but when he first became red, rumors of plastic surgery were exposed. The little boy with single eyelids in the old photos actually turned into a big face, double eyelids and high nose bridge. He had to say that even if he really had plastic surgery, It was also very successful!

The old photos of Li Yifeng are really “soiled and fattened”, and the complexion is not fair enough, and it is hard for him to look red back then! Now the whole person is thinner, and his round face has become a melon-seeded face.

From Yan Yalun to Wang Dongcheng, the Fahrenheit group, I don’t know if anyone will continue to “change their face”? From face shape to facial features and eyebrows, is this going to be completely changed? You Mu feel that the “beautiful photo” on the left is too popular Up!!

“Little Era 4” made Guo Jingming a lot of money, and now the movie “Lord’s Trail” seems to be on fire again, and the face of Xiao Si is even taller. Is there anything? From killing Matt boy to domineering director, this face Also change at any time!


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