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Survey: 70% of Republican members will consider joining a Trump-led party

More than two-thirds of Republicans would join or consider joining a new political party if former President Donald Trump formed and led that party, according to a new YouGov survey.

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In a poll conducted by YouGov Feb. 5-8 of 2,508 American adults, 33% said they would join a separatist party led by Trump. And another 37% said they “maybe“Will join a new party. Meanwhile, 30% said they would remain in the Republican Party.

In addition, 46% of respondents who confirmed they were Republicans said they believed the party’s continued loyalty to Trump was “very important“, 27% said”so important“. 50% said the Republican loyalty to Mr. Trump was “not too important”And 12% say that loyalty is not important at all.

On the second impeachment of Mr Trump in the Senate, 71% of respondents confirmed to be Republicans saying that party members who voted in favor of impeachment or accused the former president were “unfaithful“, While 29% said the action was according to”rule”.

YouGov’s survey also shows hostility between the members of the two Democrats and Republicans.

57% of Republicans call Democrats “enemy“, With the belief that”Their life or whole lifestyle could be at stake“If the Democrats win. 43% say Democrats are “political opposition“, That is, Republicans”will not achieve the policies they want“If the Democrats win.

By contrast, 41% of Democrats call Republicans enemies and 59% call Republicans an enemy.

Earlier this month, a Hill-HarrisX survey found that 64% of Republicans said they would either shout to join or possibly join “MAGA Party“Or”The Patriotic Party”Led by Mr. Trump. 36% of the respondents said they would probably stay in the Republican Party.

If Mr. Trump quit the Republican Party and formed his own party, the survey showed he could create the second largest political party in America, pushing the Republican Party down to third place.“HarrisX survey firm CEO Dritan Nesho told the Hill.TV.

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