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Surveillance Station 8.2 Review on Synology NAS DS918 +: support for powerful, improved monitoring – VnReview

In the NAS product line, Synology is always a highly regarded name. Besides impressive performance, Synology's NAS also scores points thanks to DiskStation Manager operating system with many handy features.

Previously VnReview evaluated Synology NAS DS218 + model, the product is reasonable for small offices or home users that require high performance. For users with higher requirements for NAS, such as mounting more drives or more powerful processing capabilities, Synology also offers a solution called DS918 +.

Synology Diskstation DS918 + is designed for small and medium businesses and IT professionals with 4 hard drive trays, up to 48TB support with SSD slots for cache, Intel Celeron J3455 four-core processor and 4GB RAM, Synology DS918 + is really a "monster" in terms of performance, best meeting the needs of storing and processing videos as well as a host of other features of professional users.

The drive is large, when installing 4 hard drive tray, it is quite heavy.

Of course, mentioning Synology cannot bypass their DiskStation Manager or DSM operating system. Developed on a Linux platform but running on the Web, DSM is more like a computer operating system than a hard drive.

The list of applications on DSM is up to 100, meeting all kinds of needs from file management, backup and synchronization, support using entertainment content, even turning drives into servers running services like mail, chat, CMS … We have mentioned these functions in the DS218 + article, readers can refer to them.

Surveillance Station

DSM platform has more than 120 applications, meeting all the needs of users

One of the remarkable applications we experienced at DSM this time is the Surveillance Station, which allows combining NAS with IP cameras to become surveillance cameras. Usually IP cameras store data in the memory card, but when connected to the NAS you have a huge memory, can store monitoring data for several months.

Surveillance Station

Interface of the Surveillance Station application

Not only does it save images from the camera to the hard drive, the Surveillance Station provides very professional solutions for centralized camera management, as well as additional features. With this application, you can combine many types of cameras from different manufacturers into the same common management interface on both computers and phones, no need to use each company's software anymore.

According to information from Synology, this application supports up to 6000 cameras, and also supports ONVIF standards for cameras not listed on Synology's homepage. To experience this feature, we use Dahua C15 camera, combined with another special camera which is the Oppo Find X smartphone.

After you have installed the Surveillance Station from the app store, just go to the camera app, press the search button to automatically search for cameras that are in the same network. The search and setup process is very fast, only takes about 3 minutes for a camera.

Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station

The camera search interface in the app automatically finds and sets up our camera

After receiving the camera, the Surveillance Station also provides many camera management features. When connecting the camera to the NAS system, you can open the application and control the camera (angle, zoom in and out) right on the computer interface without having to use the manufacturer's control application.

To control on your phone, simply download the DS Cam app, which supports iOS and Android operating systems. DS Cam has the same features as IP camera applications on the phone, including live view from the camera, video playback in the drive and receive alerts when motion is detected.

Surveillance Station

An important feature for IP cameras is motion detection. Not all cameras have built-in motion detection, but when connecting to the Synology system with the Surveillance Station, the drive can add features to the camera by analyzing the frame and processing it right on the drive.

Surveillance Station

Select area to detect motion in camera settings

When choosing motion detection from the drive, you can also choose a specific area to identify. This feature works to help us choose the right areas to track, while other areas, such as streets, are ignored, not tracking movement. Once you have installed Cam Cam, as soon as the system detects movement in front of the camera, there will be a notification sent to the application on your smartphone.

When you need to add an extra angle to the system, Synology's Live Cam feature turns your smartphone into an IP Camera. Just download the Live Cam app, open the application and connect to the NAS, your phone can instantly record and save to the hard drive in the NAS.

Surveillance Station

Live Cam application turns smartphones into an IP camera when needed

Surveillance Station

The smartphone appears next to the IP camera in the list of available video sources

In the video management interface, images from smartphones will appear in a separate channel like other cameras. You can also view live images as well as review saved data from the smartphone camera. This is a useful feature if you suddenly see something in front of you, and want to save the safe image to your hard drive at home without fear of losing data when saving on a smartphone.

Surveillance Station

You can view live images from smartphones in the same interface as IP cameras

Surveillance Station

In addition, the recorded image will be immediately saved to the NAS hard drive for review when needed

In addition to tracking, the Surveillance Station application also allows you to stream live video from the camera to YouTube with the Live Broadcast feature. To use this feature, you must install Live Broadcast from the application search interface at the Surveillance Station. Next, you'll need to find the key (key) to play directly on Creator Studio installation on YouTube.

Surveillance Station

The code in the Stream name / key is the key to stream live on YouTube, each with a private key

Once the key is available, simply paste it into the Live Broadcast setting, and turn on the live broadcast (on).

Surveillance Station

Just paste the key into the Key section and press the On button, the image will be streamed directly to YouTube

Surveillance Station

Images are played on YouTube, users can also change settings directly on the YouTube page

Not only do the tracking and livestream features, the Surveillance Station also supports creating a time-lapse video from the IP camera itself. To create a video, simply turn on Smart Time-Lapse application, then set the basic quality, shooting date …

Synology DS918

Smart Time Lapse application helps users to create fast-forward video with images from IP cameras

Synology DS918

You can adjust the video to record your own schedule, resolution and movie name

Synology DS918

The recorded video is saved in the Recording section

Then, the machine will automatically build up the time-lapse video from the recorded image. At the default setting, 24-hour recording data will form an impressive 6-minute video.

Video created by Smart Time-Lapse software from images in IP cameras

Because it is a professional application, you will have to pay if you want to use the system with more than 2 cameras, but if you use less, you don't have to pay. Surveillance Station supports up to 64 cameras simultaneously.

Surveillance Station


If you're the one looking for the most powerful NAS, Synology DS918 + probably won't disappoint you. This product supports multiple hard drives, high maximum capacity, strong performance, so it will meet a lot of needs, from offices that need to store data securely and quickly access, to Professional personal users.

With the Surveillance Station feature, DS918 + is also a worthwhile network drive if you are in need of building a storage system, managing IP cameras. Although the price is quite high, up to 16 million, but with what this product brings and if the user determines the right demand, this is still a reasonable number.

Thank you Mstar Corp for supporting the product for this review. Mstar Corp is now a genuine Synology Service Provider and the first Synology Experience Center in Vietnam. Customers can go to Showroom 115 Nguyen Phi Khanh, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City to experience products, solutions, as well as new models of Synology.

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