"Surprise release of some new songs" .. BTS, 'Taetae FM' DJ with visual + voice [종합]

“Surprise release of some new songs” .. BTS, ‘Taetae FM’ DJ with visual + voice [종합]

[OSEN=심언경 기자] BTS V is back as a DJ for Ami (fandom name).

On the 23rd, BTS V made a broadcast titled ‘Taetae FM 6.13’ through the V live ‘BTS’ channel.

On this day, V appeared in front of the camera in a familiar way. Nevertheless, V got a enthusiastic response from fans due to her unblemished skin and clear throat. Natural perm hairstyles and beige knit shirts made his beauty stand out.

V started broadcasting with the ‘confessions’ of Delipais. V put on a microphone in the studio, hummed to the melody, or built a chord. V’s soft tone stood out. Then V selected Alaina Castillo’s ‘Just a boy’ and shared his musical taste.

V is said to be “Taetae FM’s Taetae. This ‘Taetae FM’ is said to want to remind the mothers to do ‘Taetae FM’ again sometime on Weavers. “There’s only me in the company right now.”

V said, “The mothers recommended good songs. So I’ll listen to them and have time to play the songs that said ‘I like this song.'” Then I selected UMI ‘Remember me’, Pink sweat ’17’, Joy Crookes’ ‘Don’t let me’, and ‘This view’ on surfaces.

V also attracted attention by recommending Lin’s ‘All Love is Lie’. V said, “I like Lin’s and senior’s songs very much. I said ‘Sing Lin’s song,’ so the mothers sang it. The mothers sang very well.”

On the 24th, Lin saw her broadcast on her Instagram and said, “Do you watch your nephew. V is listening to my aunt’s song, but why don’t you listen? Expressed.

Particularly, while playing the piano in the studio, V made a surprise release of some of the new songs. Along with this, he revealed his affection by talking about anecdotes with the members, further raising the expectation for a comeback. /notglasses@osen.co.kr

[사진] V live broadcast screen capture

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