Longueuil He attacks a little girl just after a conquest

Surprise messages and visits He believed he had the right to harass his ex

A Torontonian who bombarded his ex-girlfriend with messages and who despite his refusals made the trip to Montreal to “talk” with her was found guilty of harassment, even though he believed he had the right to do so.

“Even if he felt betrayed, the law does not allow a contemptuous ex-lover to harass a woman, despite clear and repeated messages that she wanted to be left alone,” Judge Dennis Galiatsatos recalled, declaring guilty Daniel William Genovese, this week at the Montreal courthouse.

It is because Genovese, a 30-year-old resident of Toronto, had trouble digesting the break-up with his ex-girlfriend. During the trial, she explained that the individual could be aggressive, violent and threatening, and that she was increasingly afraid for her safety to the point of leaving him.


Genovese then bombarded the woman with messages, and whenever she blocked him, he found another platform to write to her.

“The accused even sent messages with fake email addresses,” said the judge.

And as the woman did not answer him, he then drove 550km to ring her doorbell, without warning, twice in February 2019. Except that the second time, the woman’s new spouse called the police.

“When they arrived, the accused was facing the door, he was very aggressive,” summed up the judge. In the apartment, the woman was afraid, she was shaking. “

Not justified

During the trial, Genovese denied having been violent with the woman, but admitted to having called her names on a few occasions. He also criticized her for deciding when she wanted to sleep with him, thus seeming to ignore the most basic principles of consent.

He then admitted the acts with which he was accused, however denying that it was criminal harassment. But the judge disagreed.

“He simply felt justified to act thus”, said the magistrate, recalling that it was not a defense in criminal law, and that it was essential to protect more the victims of harassing ex-buddies like Genovese .

Found guilty of harassment, the Torontonian will return to court in May for pleadings on his sentence.


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