Surfing Shopee to get a good deal and also a lot of money `Shopee Xu`

Notably, don’t miss the “rain” of offers when paying with ShopeePay wallet, helping to close Shopee orders at the “best” price possible. In addition to the direct discount code of 100,000 VND for new users, ShopeePay launched thousands of discount codes of 10,000, 20,000, refund codes up to 77,000 coins, applicable to a variety of products on Shopee. In parallel, there are a series of other attractive promotions such as hunting for a code to close the bill to refund 777,000 coins, buy a 100,0000 phone top-up card for only 1,000, receive 1,000 coins for each money transfer…

GenZ is truly the most diligent young people in hunting sales through each season and collecting lots of orders – the most illustrious achievement that we are always proud of. How can we repeat the results of the Super Hoi Hoan Coin 7.7 crop. Take the tips that Shopee tells you today so you don’t miss any good deals and collect a lot of coins.

PAY 02 (1)
Memorize the “multiplication table” in the sale season so as not to miss any offers and freeship policies.

First, memorize the “multiplication table” of the sale season so as not to miss any offers and freeship policies. At the same time, immediately open Google Calendar and save a reminder schedule 10 minutes in advance for 6 unforgettable sale golden hours.

Especially today, it will be an opportunity not to be missed for Shopee addicts to hunt for up to 20% cashback vouchers, up to 50,000 Shopee Coins for orders from 0VND or 10% cashback vouchers up to 100,000 Shopee Coins for orders from 300,000 A, and many other unique vouchers from the industry.

Not only enjoy hunting for free vouchers with free shipping for orders from 0Đ at 6 hours from 0H – 9H – 15H – 18H – 21H tomorrow, online shoppers will receive more Freeship Xtra offers through the program “Super Freeship Xtra, shop freely” with 03 Freeship Xtra codes into user wallets valid from 7.7 with freeship up to 70K for orders from 300K. Shopee understands that the closing of young people’s orders depends greatly on “freeship” and this is a special offer for everyone.

Will a good summer chill deal satisfy the tech guys who are hunting deals on electronic devices for their home? From robot vacuums to smart TVs and audio devices, there are great deals to help you easily get them right here.

PAY 0303
This robot vacuum cleaner is integrated with many modern technologies to help women free their hands in cleaning the house.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO N8 Pro robot possesses advanced TrueDetect 3D technology, which can detect and avoid obstacles instantly, helping the robot optimize the cleaning process and become stronger, minimizing collisions. This is definitely the most reasonable gift for brothers to buy for their wives during their regular stay at home and constant cleaning frequency.

PAY 0404
“It’s really chill at home” without getting bored when shopping now, this 7.7 sale season has just been refunded, freeship with offers from the shop.

Denon D-T1 has a compact design, suitable for the needs of small rooms, flexible layout in tight spaces but still full of components is a 3-in-1 system with 2 separate speakers, CD player, listening to music on FM radio and bluetooth connection.

PAY 0505
This crop cannot help but bring a 55-inch Samsung Smart TV with Crystal UHD 4K Curved Screen to enjoy everything standard home cinema.

Samsung TVs are increasingly perfecting from appearance to technology, improving user experience and especially satisfying the entertainment needs of the brothers. With Samsung’s 55-inch Crystal UHD 4K curved screen, it offers endless connectivity with AirPlay 2 integrated apps, easy control with Google’s virtual assistant… and many other interesting functions.

Quickly put in the cart the necessary products and just wait for the right sale time, apply the voucher from Shopee, from the brand and fresship. Do not wait any longer without closing the order to bring everything home immediately.


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