Surface Pro 7+ debuts at CES with up to 15 hours of battery life

The annual CES curtain has finally started. Microsoft released the Surface Pro 7+ on the first day of CES, equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor. Surface Pro 7+ has a battery capacity of up to 50.4Whr, which can provide up to 15 hours. There is also an LTE version available.

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The annual CES curtain has finally started. There has been news that Microsoft will release Surface Pro 8 during CES, but this time I will meet with you Surface Pro 7+.

In terms of appearance, the interface part of Surface Pro 7+ has not changed much, mainly because of the upgrade of appearance and configuration. Surface Pro 7+ is equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor, and its core display performance can be twice as high as before.

Surface Pro 7+ memory will be from 8GB, up to 32GB of optional memory. The hard disk is M.2 2230 SSD, which supports free disassembly. Surface Pro 7+ is also available in an LTE version. The battery capacity is 50.4Whr, the largest battery in the history of Surface Pro, with a battery life of up to 15 hours.

In terms of price, the starting price of the Surface Pro 7+ is US$899, and the top-of-the-line price is US$2799. The starting price of the LTE version is US$1,149. Surface Pro 7+ will be the first to be launched in North America, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the European Union on January 15.

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