Supreme Court |  Jérémy Gabriel Mike Ward will make his arguments in ten days

Supreme Court | Jérémy Gabriel Mike Ward will make his arguments in ten days

The Supreme Court will hear on February 15 the case of comedian Mike Ward who does not want to pay singer Jeremy Gabriel $ 35,000 for making discriminatory jokes about him.

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The highest court in the country said Friday that Mike Ward will be able to present his arguments in 10 days.

As a reminder, the comedian made fun of Jérémy Gabriel during his show “Mike Ward is exposed” presented 230 times from 2010 to 2013, despite the teenager’s requests to stop the jokes concerning him.

Jérémy Gabriel and his parents lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, which submitted a request to the Human Rights Tribunal. In 2016, this court finally ordered Ward to pay $ 35,000 to the young man from Quebec, now 24, as well as $ 7,000 to the latter’s mother.

However, the Court of Appeal had decided that Jérémy Gabriel’s family would not be entitled to the amount of $ 7,000. For his part, Mike Ward had said on his Facebook page: “I’ll tell you right away, I prefer to do jail than pay this fine!” of $ 35,000.

The comedian has always said that the judgment against him infringed his freedom of expression.

Among other things, his lawyers had argued that Jérémy Gabriel was a public figure and that freedom of expression should be as broad as possible. They argued that no subject should be untouchable as long as it is done in the context of humor.


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