Support Syria: Revealing the real US conspiracy?

Support Syria: Revealing the real US conspiracy?

The US plans to allocate about $18 million to develop education in areas of Syria that have been liberated from the Islamic State terrorist group, but not controlled by Damascus forces.

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The US continues to support areas in Syria under its control.

American experts assert that, by providing this support, they are helping young people receive quality educational services. At the same time, they believe, this is a way for the young Syrian generation to not be influenced by extremist ideologies.

They also note that the Syrian education system has suffered heavy damage since the war with ISIS began.

Previously, in 2019, the United States also allocated $40 million to these regions to improve Syria’s justice system.

However, according to experts, this action of the US is actually very selfish: It separates Syria from separate areas of direct US influence and continues to gain control of the oil fields.

Russian political scientist Andrei Koshkin said that the Americans wanted to divide Syria into zones of influence: the US sphere of influence and the rest under the influence of the Damascus government. Their funds will only be allocated to the regions they control. Gradually, the Americans will gain autonomy in these areas and take over Syria’s oil facilities.

Sergei Lavrov, the head of the Foreign Ministry, noted that the US action is like an attempt to rob these areas from the Syrian regime and gain control of its oil fields. This is an illegal act and does not do anything good for the Syrian people.

Previously, the US also planned to finance the Syrian opposition by providing them with full military equipment and conducting military training with the amount of nearly 300 million USD or supporting 75 USD for the Syrian rebels. local government. Most of the US money will go to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a force seen as US “spies” in Syria.

In addition, the US State Department also stated that it was the Syrian Democratic Forces that liberated the cities of Raqqa, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor, so supporting this force is to continue the war on terror. However, in reality, the liberation of these areas was carried out by Syrian government forces with the support of Russian aerospace forces. Clearly, funding educational institutions in this region is American hypocrisy.

Remember, the US government was the one that started this conflict. Currently, some parts of Syria are still divided, controlled by the US military and ISIS terrorist forces. In areas controlled by the US, they continue to illegally extract Syrian oil and sell it abroad every day.

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