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Superimposed more cost-effective Beijing New Year’s goods consumer coupons will be issued on


Beijing New Year’s Goods Coupon is here. It’s super cost-effective to buy computer digital equipment on JD

For the “primitive”, they can’t go home to reunite, and they have to buy enough New Year’s goods to experience the New Year’s taste and sense of ceremony. On February 9th, the Beijing Municipal Government announced that it would issue 40 million yuan of “zero threshold” New Year’s goods consumer coupons to those who are in Beijing for the New Year. From February 12th to 16th (the first day of the first month to the fifth day of the first month), consumers in Beijing can log in to 6 platform apps such as and Xiaomi to receive the Beijing New Year’s gift coupons. This move is undoubtedly an important measure taken by the Beijing Municipal Government to do a good job for the general public to celebrate the New Year in Beijing, and to bring high-quality life guarantee to every consumer who spends the New Year in Beijing. Friends in Beijing quickly set the alarm clock, the free discount must be taken!

It is understood that from February 12th to 16th, starting at 10 o’clock every day, consumers in Beijing log on to the Jingdong APP to participate in the red envelope rain event, and they will have the opportunity to draw zero-threshold consumer coupons with denominations ranging from 16 yuan, 66 yuan, and 166 yuan. . Consumption coupons can be used on the day of receipt and can be used directly against the purchase price of the product. Use the coupons given for nothing to get hard-core equipment, which is quite cost-effective!

It is worth mentioning that the Beijing New Year’s Festival consumer vouchers coincide with the JD’s New Year’s Festival. Friends in Beijing received the consumer vouchers. As the key category of JD’s platform, many popular products can be used for 2021 Beijing New Year’s consumption. Coupons, and can be claimed multiple times during the event, you can buy anything you want at a low price!

Explosive products such as notebooks, monitors, mobile mechanical hard drives, memory cards, keyboards, mice, headsets, printers, stationery, etc. can be purchased at a discount with Beijing consumer coupons. Smart audio-visual, tablet computers and other categories of good things are distributed, which not only relieves The sales pressure of merchants has made many consumers “take advantage of it”. Small partners in need should not miss it.

At the time when the Jingdong New Year’s Festival is in full swing, the reserve price discount is superimposed on large consumption coupons, only to maximize the demand for consumers’ smart New Year’s goods. The first batch of consumer vouchers will be picked up at 10 o’clock every day from February 12th to 16th. Call your friends to come to Jingdong to enjoy this shopping spree!



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