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Superhero game Marvel’s Spider-Man has a unique feat

Launched in September 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man is considered a new wave for the superhero series, and opens up a new universe on the game screen for Marvel's superheroes. And after nearly a year of release, with the main game and three DLC versions all being positively evaluated, Spider-Man has become the highest-grossing superhero game throughout the history of the superhero series.

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The series of superhero games is considered one of the challenges of many game makers because of what most players have been watching on the big screen or through their childhood comics and cartoons, they are eager to see new and breakthrough features in those familiar images. For that reason, the number of highly regarded superhero games is not really overwhelming like other shooting action titles.

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Before the appearance of Marvel’s Spider-Man, two Batman bat superstars Arkham City and Arkham Night were considered to be the best two. And that only ended when Sony joined hands with Marvel Games to launch Marvel’s Spider-Man. Developed by Insomniac and released exclusively for PS4 models, the game has received a lot of positive compliments with proud scores from prestigious review sites. Not only that, as of May 2019, Marvel’s Spider-Man sales have usurped the 2 Batman titles to become the best-selling superhero game of all time.

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With such an outstanding achievement, fans of the Marvel game universe will surely have a reason to expect that Insomniac will continue or launch the second part of the game, or target another superhero. with "more land exploited" like Captain America or Iron Man. At the same time, the upcoming superhero game called Marvel’s The Avenger is also expected to follow the success of Spider-Man to pave the way for the Marvel game universe.

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