Supercell announces three new works in the Clash universe

Supercell has announced three new titles in a row: “Tribal Front”, “Royal Ark” and “Tribal Legend”.

These three games are all works of the Clash universe series. Characters such as princes, giants, and skeleton soldiers we are familiar with will still be present. Among them, “Tribal Front” will be tested (overseas) soon, and the other two will be worked by Supercell Shanghai Room development.

“Tribal Front”

Turn-based tactical strategy adventure game. The defensive formation preset by the confrontation system is played by consuming different arms in the team to attack. The operating mechanism of arms is similar to that in “Royal War” and “Clash of Clans”.

For example, in each match, if the troops in the team are consumed in advance, the game will be lost; there are also certain rules for the consumption of troops, for example, the more troops of the same type attack, the better the effect.

The huge BOSS and the prop system are also features of this work. Different props have different trigger methods, such as the AOE props that only take effect when 5 princes are attacked at the same time.

“The Royal Family”

Both players will place cute miniature soldiers on the desktop at the same time, and they will attack automatically.

In the game, players can focus on the strategy part instead of real-time control. The various miniatures are very cute.

“Tribal Legend”

An action game created by Unreal Engine. Players use different characters to form teams and take risks on the map.

As can be seen from the published information, players can use dual joysticks to control the forward direction and skill release and skill direction;

There are also different regions in the game, such as grasslands and water cities, and some buildings on the map can even be destroyed.

Familiar characters will also appear in different styles

Currently these three games are still in the development stage, and it has not yet been determined whether they will be released on a global scale.

Source: TapTap


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