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Super wrestler caught after beating ‘WWE monster’

VIDEO: Super wrestler caught after beating ‘WWE monster’

The situation took place at WWE’s “No way out” event in February 2004. Leading the show was the championship belt battle between challenger Eddie Guerrero and reigning WWE champion Brock Lesnar. However, the uninvited guest, Goldberg, showed up and stirred a commotion. Goldberg suddenly interrupted the main match with the goal of his enemy, “beast” Brock Lesnar.

As soon as Goldberg stepped up from outside the stands, the WWE defending champion showed fear and intended to flee the ring. However in the end Brock Lesnar decided to stay and suffer Goldberg beat to death.

Appearing as an audience but fighting with the main wrestler, Goldberg was immediately handcuffed by police and dragged out of the arena. The match between Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar was later returned with the victory to Guerrero.

Although it was re-posted in 2017, the video has so far garnered nearly 40 million WWE official YouTube views. Most of the audience still intact excitement when witnessing Goldberg “sells onions” to competitors.



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