"Super striker" in goal: Legend of MU Schmeichel is "rock king ...

“Super striker” in goal: Legend of MU Schmeichel is “rock king …

“Super striker” in goal: Legend of MU Schmeichel is “11m rock king”

Friday, May 15, 2020 00:04 AM (GMT + 7)

Peter Schmeichel is a great goalkeeper for MU. But how many MU fans know he is a professional who shoots 11m?


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The history of world football has recorded that many goalkeepers not only catch the ball well but also have the talent to score very well. Among them are many famous goalkeepers like Peter Schmeichel, Chilavert or Higuita. Let’s find out more about them through our series starting May 11!

Peter Schmeichel’s goal for Aston Villa

Peter Schmeichel is actually not in the top 10 goal scorers in football history, but he is a goalkeeper phenomenon by pioneering in the penalty area at the end of the game to score, if the home team is at a loss or sometimes even in a draw.

Schmeichel did not fight in a corner at the end of the match, the image familiar to MU fans

Schmeichel has 11 goals in his career and 6 in fact Schmeichel scored in only one season of Hvidovre Club 1985. It was a season where the young Danish goalkeeper and his teammates played miserably through each game and often took the lead, leading to relegation at the end of the season.

However, the fact that Schmeichel’s 6 goals that season was not recorded by the phase up involved in the final attack when Hvidovre took a corner, but the penalties. Schmeichel’s first goal was scored in Hvidovre’s 2-3 loss to Vejle Boldklub on April 21, 1985, and the second came on September 1, 1985 when he assigned 4-0 to Hvidovre before Ikast FS.

Schmeichel opened the scoring from the 11m mark in the 43rd minute of Hvidovre’s 3-1 win over BK Frem six days later, and his penalty against Esbjerg FB on October 6 was the only goal in the 1-3 loss. By November 3, Schmeichel had his first and only double in his career, scoring the first two goals for Hvidovre in a 3-1 win over AGF.

Leaving Hvidovre, Schmeichel joined Brondby in 1987 and he had his first goal for the new club on May 10, 1987, again from the penalty spot in the 24th minute to increase the score to 2-0 in the previous 4-0 win. AaB. The next table came just a week later, Schmeichel fixed 3-0 in the 75th minute in the victory over the old team Hvidovre.

Schmeichel scored 11 goals in his career, then 9 came from 11m fruits

In 1995/96, MU attended the UEFA Cup and met Rotor Volgograd in the first round at home, but conceded 2 goals in just 24 minutes. Paul Scholes shortened 1-2 in the 59th minute, and in the 88th minute Schmeichel launched the hooker to equalize 2-2 from Ryan Giggs’s corner.

The only Schmeichel goal scored in the Premier League was in the 2001/02 season when he wore the Aston Villa shirt. The Midlands team were guests at Everton and by 71 minutes they were down 0-3. Mustapha Hadji shortened 1-3 shortly after for Aston Villa and at the end of the match Schmeichel appeared on the far post to throw a volley into the shortened 2-3, no time for the visitors to take back 1 point.

As for the Danish team, Schmeichel scored the only goal in 2000 when Denmark confronted Belgium in a friendly match before Euro 2000, and it was a penalty after Martin Laursen was fouled. The goal helped Denmark lead 2-1 but they held a 2-2 draw when conceding in the 73rd minute.

As such, all 11 goals Peter Schmeichel has scored in his career are equal even though his familiar image of him is the guardian body of the air in the corners. No one would have expected Schmeichel to have been a penalty specialist at a young age back home, he could have even scored more goals if he was expected to play the 11m kick when he was abroad.

11 goals from Peter Schmeichel

Hvidovre 2-3 Vejle Boldklub, April 21, 1985

Hvidovre 4-0 Ikast FS, September 1, 1985

Hvidovre 3-1 BK Frem, September 7, 1985

Hvidovre 1-3 Esbjerg FB, October 6, 1985

Hvidovre 3-1 AGF, November 3, 1985 (double)

Brondby 4-0 AaB, May 10, 1987

Brondby 3-0 Hivdovre, May 17, 1987

MU 2-2 Rotor Volgograd, September 26, 1995

Denmark 2-2 Belgium, June 3, 2000

Aston Villa 2-3 Everton, October 20, 2001

Source: http: //khampha.vn/the-thao/sieu-tien-dao-trong-khung-thanh-huyen-thoai-mu-schmeichel-la-34vua-da …

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