Super special car viewing experience! SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON is opening enthusiastically

A few days ago SUZUKI announced the launch of the new concept of the new exhibition booth officially “open for download” today. The online exhibition booth developed with Unreal engine is unique and has the function of “online presentation”. Come and take a look at this brand new SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE What does GLOBAL SALON look like?

First go to the official website to download the “SMGS” application. Click here for the software download:SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON

After downloading, click Execute, and the program will automatically download necessary applications such as DirectX. Just follow the instructions!

Then take a moment to wait for the login device to download the program body and fill in the information to register an account. It’s very simple.

Register account teaching

First fill in your E-mail as the login account. In the third step, the authentication code will be sent through the registered mailbox, so please do not fill in it randomly.

The next step is to fill in your personal information, from top to bottom respectively
Gender: Male (male), Female (female), Other/No Answer (other or do not want to answer)
Age: fill in according to your own conditions
Have a driving license? (Whether there is a driver’s license): Yes, No
Riding Experience (the amount of riding experience): Experienced (experienced), Casual (leisure riding), None (no experience)
Owned Motocycle Category: fill in according to your own conditions
Owned Manufacturer: Fill in according to your own conditions
Engine Size: Fill in according to your own conditions

Next, you will receive a letter of authentication code sent by the SUZUKI system.

During the test, the free mailbox provided by Google can be used to receive the certification letter normally, and it will be sent to you within five seconds after the completion of the second step, which is quite fast.

After receiving the letter, set the password for login, and set it according to personal preference!

After waiting for the final progress bar to run, you can press “Launch Program” to execute the program. It is normal that the first few runs will be slower, so wait patiently!

After successfully entering the screen, you will enter the creation page of the virtual character. In addition to the basic male and female character models, there are character models of various races. On the left is the basic character information, namely Nickname (character nickname), Belong (company company) , Department, community, etc.), Introduction (self-introduction), you can start after inputting…

Enter SMGS virtual showroom

You can start watching the introduction video! Before actually entering the virtual exhibition room experience, there will be a leading video and operating instructions.

The operation is basically the same as that of an online game. Users can use WSAD or the up, down, left, and right keys to control the movement of the virtual character, and use the mouse with the right key to adjust the direction of sight and the height of the viewing angle.

The actual operation interface is shown in the figure, there will be a function menu in the upper left corner, the lower left corner is a chat room that can only be opened in English, and the upper part is a partition map of the virtual booth. You can quickly move to the designated area by directly pressing the block name, and the upper right The corner can be used to search for the user’s ID. If you know your friend’s ID, you can move to the same channel as him. In the lower right corner are some interactive character actions.

After entering the online exhibition room, you can see the exaggerated and near-futuristic large-scale virtual building in the preview screen in the “Entrance” section. Users can move freely between the various sections.

After walking to the entrance, the system will prompt the user whether to perform block conversion, but unfortunately there is no seamless map design.

Entering the “FOYER” block can be connected to various virtual exhibition halls, and it is also the place where the most users gather.

In addition to typing, the chat interface also supports voice bar lifting, and users can decide whether to use typing or speaking according to personal needs.

If you feel that the language is not lively enough, you can also use various interactive functions to communicate with other users.

The online booth also has the function of online presentation! This is also the special feature of the SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON launched by SUZUKI this time, and it is the first practice of the current two-wheeler factory.

When the time is up, you can enter the originally locked block. The highlight of the online opening of SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON is the online presentation of SUZUKI’s flagship car model HAYABUSA, and online users can watch the newly released car in this exhibition space. paragraph.

In addition, there are exclusive videos available only in the online booth, and friends with good English may wish to listen.

On the other side is another highlight of this SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON-“Online Cars Exhibition Area”! Moreover, there is an interview room when walking down, which has the feeling of a real exhibition room.

Go down and you can see… a few of the three new HAYABUSA…

Although this is a bit confusing, how come there are only so many things in the “online showroom”? But in the exclusive video in “Event hall”, you can know that HAYABUSA, as the first car released through SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON, has its own uniqueness, and SMGS functions will be gradually enriched in the future. You can look forward to it. .

But don’t think that only HAYABUSA can watch the booth and turn off the software! After clicking the car model, you will enter the Configurator page, where there will be a more detailed display and explanation, and the content can be said to be quite rich!


Use exclusive software for online display, and even for new car announcements! Gameplay such as online exhibitions is not news in the second round of the field. Last year, the epidemic swept the world, and various car manufacturers have successively changed to use online publication to display new cars, but this is the first time that the online display function has been raised to this level. Although it feels somewhat uncomfortable to use as a whole, it is definitely worthy of full marks in terms of creativity. However, I am also worried that when automakers start to get used to this model, they will gradually withdraw from large-scale physical exhibitions in the future. What? After all, although the 3D model can imitate the texture of the real car, there is no way for consumers to personally experience the craftsmanship level of the real car and the various details carefully arranged by the designer!

Original source: SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON is opening enthusiastically! Super special car viewing experience!

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