Review Game Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction

Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction is the actual dating simulation game described by the developer. This is a series of games that has left a lot of ethical controversy, especially when it did not get through the PlayStation platform’s content censorship. The games in this series often build situations to teach male players flirting with girls, even going further than that, and this third game is no exception. The biggest difference of the game compared to the visual novels of the same genre is the FMV element played by real people.

In fact, Super Seduction 3: Final Seduction is a pretty special case with one-sided post status, the game goes a step further. That’s the release chance of the game I’m talking about. The images are said to be somewhat overly sensitive as the game’s live-action is having a lot of trouble with content censorship, which has led to the game’s release status being suspended all the time. Even the worst case scenario is that the game doesn’t see the sun and this article is useless to the majority of players even though it’s not my fault.

Leaving aside all the fuss about visuals and moderating content, Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction is an interactive game that has been slowly reviving in recent years. The experience is based on real-person transitions of scenes. However, unlike Late Shift or She Sees Red, the developer RLR Training’s game not only tells a story with interactivity from the player, but gives advice in the attitude of the girls. through your interactive choices in a variety of situations.

For example, the first story shows the situation of getting to know a girl that you accidentally meet at the supermarket. Through different lines, players must make reasonable choices to lead the relationship from the novice to further. The worst case scenario is that the protagonist either pays money to pay for the girl’s items and receives nothing in return. The ‘happy ending’ situation is when players skillfully “match” a coffee girl talking, learn about each other’s hobbies and bring each other home to cook traditional Mexican food and the ending.

Through the player’s choices, “girl’s master” Richard La Ruina gives pretty easy advice on why you should and shouldn’t do it, in English, of course. On the social side, Super Seduction 3: Final Seduction has helpful advice for those who are old or don’t know how to talk to women to start a new relationship. In contrast, most of the player’s choices are not so clear about practicality. Nearly half of these are “amusing” options.

Not only that, the right choices along with the explanation of the main character Richard, who is also the MC, makes it feel like Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction is teaching players to live two-sided, taking advantage and trick more women. That is what I am talking about in terms of human dealing in relationship building. This is reflected in close-ups that often focus on the curves of the female characters’ bodies. There are quite different angles, like wanting to make enemies with the eyes and mind of the player.

Review Game Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction

Even Richard’s advice, most of them are aimed at conquering rather than caring about the feelings of the heroine in the given situation. Developments can be funny like in movies when players make the wrong choices, either intentionally or accidentally. For example, in a situation where Richard and his new girlfriend challenge each other about another girl. In countless options, there are situations where Richard withdraws “fire dog” with great prestige to the friends of the girl mentioned above. If you choose, the main character does exactly the same thing and the ending doesn’t make me laugh.

The biggest problem with these options is the obvious direction of “that,” so much so that it makes me feel like it’s sexual harassment and verbal behavior rather than a conversation between two new people. get used to it. Choosing to be right also leaves me mixed feelings because it doesn’t mean much in relationship building. The advice that Richard explains why not doing this but should do so is like teaching you how to conquer women like a Choi Song Jong rather than advising the player to approach with sincerity.

These choices often give me a feeling of falseness from a female perspective, with no sincerity from the main character. They lack the character of long-term relationship building but more like FwB or One Night Stand. This could also be due to Western and Eastern cultural differences. Not to mention, not all advice is about this and that there are quite a few. However, even in this case, its reason couldn’t be for a good purpose if not for a deliberate plan to attack the heroine with a mind that was not pure.

Review Game Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction

In terms of acting and setting the setting for the situation, both are round roles. The acting of the characters is sometimes awkward, unnatural, especially the main character Richard has nothing funny but the moment of charisma when meeting the heroine of the first situation. On the other hand, I have never played the previous two parts of the series so I cannot compare the scale, but the context in Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction is quite varied in different fishing situations, with little repetition. except for the house of the character Richard and this makes perfect sense.

If there’s one thing Super Seduction 3: Final Seduction does best is probably the customization that makes it easier for players to keep track of their options. The game builds a map showing which lines you have chosen and uses colors to show the level of reasonableness, contributing to the replay value for the game experience. Completing situations also unlocks customizability, making it easier for later turns to go in the right direction. The game even has a few QTE events “press fast press right” according to the situation, but not much and does not create the necessary excitement.

But from a personal perspective, I can point out a lot of problems in constructing situations. It makes the correct answer enough to turn the reactions of the female leads unconvincing because they do not look like real people. For example, Richard asked personal questions but did not care much about the answers of the characters. He often doesn’t listen in conversation so that the other person can sense interest when asked. There’s something wrong with this because women are so good at reading the opponent’s body language and the female characters are so easy to “get in the way”.

Review Game Super Seducer 3: Final Seduction

In the end, Super Seduction 3: Final Seduction offers a mixed, realistic dating simulation experience. The game’s biggest plus is the sensible advice on how to treat a girl. However, the minus point is that the construction method still has many errors in the situation. It feels like Richard has a recipe for cheating in the most gentle way, and the game experience merely tells you what value to add. This is not true if not easy to make inexperienced players misinterpreted about women.

Super Seduction 3: Final Seduction is available for PC (Windows, macOS).

Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction
Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction

Developer: RLR Training Inc

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