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Super promotion, pirate adventure game Blackwake is on sale for only $ 1.5

First launched in 2017, Blackwake really blew a breath of fresh air into the gaming community. With the gameplay that combines the elements of adventure, open world action, and first-person shooter, Blackwake has become one of the favorite co-op titles on Steam.

With such a compelling game, it's a pity to miss it. And if you do not already own this game in your collection, rest assured, Steam is opening a big promotion for Blackwake. With only 37,500% (80% reduction), you can join the challenging pirate world of Blackwake.

Super promotion, pirate adventure game Blackwake is on sale for only $ 1.5 - Photo 1.

Background Blackwake game is the Age of Sail era with the first-person gun battle extremely dramatic. Players will coordinate with other gamers to sink enemy ships. Each group has a maximum of 16 people, of which 1 is selected to be the captain. There is even a game mode that supports up to 54 gamers on the same battlefield.

Effective coordination and solidarity to master the naval battle at sea. As a member of the fleet, you can do whatever you want to win, not tied in a certain position. Such as firing cannons at enemy ships, repairing ships or maintaining the ships drifting between the reefs, pumping water out of ships … In addition, can provide food for members on board, penetrating Enter rival ships and capture them.

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