"Super cow" Lamborghini extremely toxic color change in a flash thanks to smartkey

“Super cow” Lamborghini extremely toxic color change in a flash thanks to smartkey

Very toxic color change Lamborghini

Recently super car fans have just admired the uncle “chameleon” Lamborghini changed color in a flash thanks to smartkey on a video.

With today’s modern technology, the Lamborghini supercar can change color quickly like a “chameleon” with just a smartkey. At a glance, the super car has been able to change from one color to another by swiping and selecting colors on the smartkey.

Touch key is currently used in other luxury cars such as Ferrari, Bentley, Roll Roys … bringing many modern features, interesting and not low price.

The touch sensitive superkey Lamborghini super cow’s ability to interact with the protective film of the car allows users to change the car color as you like. Accordingly, Lamborghini will be equipped with 3 film layers. With the order of the inner layer in direct contact with the surface of the vehicle, the middle layer shows the specifications, this is the layer that allows changing the color of the car as optional and the outer layer will be the car protection layer.

Only 1 small dream is to own 1 such child
Color-changing Lamborghini supercars have also been redeemed, but for color-changing cars, the angle of view and light changes. So there are a lot of people who are skeptical about the car being able to change the actual color through customizing on the smartkey because this seems too modern and impossible to do. However, with increasingly advanced technology, nothing is impossible.

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