Detailed supercar billion Vyrus Alyen
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Super car ‘universe’ Vyrus Alyen

( Super engine and impressive design together with the use of expensive materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy make the car very valuable.

Vyrus motorcycles are no stranger to many consumers because of their reputation for their high prices and top-notch equipment. Recently, the company has launched a new superbike model called Vyrus Alyen.

Vyrus Alyen is equipped with Ducati Diavel 1260 engine, cylinder size design changes with a diameter of 116mm and stroke 70.8mm, with a compression ratio of 11.3: 1, bringing a maximum capacity of 205 horsepower at 10,250 rpm. Vehicles with 6-speed gearbox and wet clutch system.

Detailed supercar billion Vyrus Alyen

Carbon fiber and magnesium alloy materials are used throughout the structure of the vehicle. The most notable is the fairing with a weird design using ultra-light and super hard carbon fiber.

Detailed supercar billion Vyrus Alyen

The front suspension is specially designed with a dual stroller integrated with Center Hub Steering technology similar to the new Bimota TesiH2. The rear shock absorber is also in the Push Rod line. All shock absorbers are made from super hard magnesium alloy with the ability to customize to bring the right stiffness for each different driving conditions.

Detailed supercar billion Vyrus Alyen

Vyrus Alyen is equipped with Robobox brand-name carbon wheels, 17-inch Bullet type, with 120 / 70ZR-17 type front tires and 200 / 60ZR-17 type rear tires. Supporting safety is the famous Brembo GP4 brake system in WorldSBK racing cars.

Currently the price of the new Vyrus Alyen has not been disclosed, but certainly not cheaper than its predecessor Vyrus 987 C3 4V previously sold for about 2.3 billion.


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