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Summary of upcoming PC 2019 titles (Part 7)

Continue the list upcoming PC 2019 titles coming soon with the seventh part, the games that are not yet scheduled for release:

You can quickly refer to the titles released in other months through the following links (updating):









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Solar Ash Kingdom

Release date: N / A (Unknown) | Developers: Heart Machine | Link | Kind: Action, adventure

DN publishes Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine – the father of the famous game, Hyper Light Drifter, has just announced a handshake. Solar Ash Kingdom. The game will be released on PC via Epic Games Store, while other platforms are not yet announced. Like Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash Kingdom is still colorful like that, but graphics have become 3D.

Dragon Ball "Project Z"

Release date: N / A | Developers: Bandai Namco | | Kind: RPG

Dragon Ball Game: Project Z is a new game taking the theme of the world of the Dragon Ball. This project was developed by CyberConnect2 and will be released by Namco Bandai. The trailer did not introduce the gameplay but brought us to Goku's battles to protect the earth against Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza. No longer an antagonistic game but an ARPG game so we can guess that with Dragon Ball Game: Project Z players will probably follow Goku on their journey to improve their powers and battles. Battle to protect the earth and the monkey's relatives. Therefore, it is possible to retell the main content of Dragon Ball Z for new generation fans.


2019 | Experiment 101 | Link | Act, RPG

Described as an open-world fantasy fantasy game, post-apocalyptic Kung Fu by developer Experiment 101, Biomutant is easily one of the strangest games we've ever seen. Everything from the NPC to the enemy, all lovely but equally dangerous, along with a vibrant and vibrant world that seems completely unique.

BioMutant set in post-apocalypse, focusing on the action of melee, shooting and mutant ability of the main character. Besides, the developer also promises the character development feature of the game will be very diverse and in depth; Innovative crafting system, along with a wide range of interactivity in a colorful world.

Babylon’s Fall

2019 | Platinum Games | | Act

Babylon’s Fall is the latest game of the studio Platinum Games, one of the most prestigious names in the game with top-notch products, especially games in antagonistic action like the series. Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the latest is Nier: Automata.. Based on the trailer revealed by the company, this seems to be a fantasy-themed action game. You will play the role of a knight fighting with unique magic abilities.

Tập tin

2019 | Moon Studios | Link | Adventure, storytelling

Tập tin is a long-winded adventure than the first Blind Forest version. Moon Studio said their team is still working hard to bring the best experience to the players. The previous game took the tears of tens of thousands of gamers. Therefore, although the launch date has not been announced yet, this second version is making the whole community wait for each day.

What has been created from the first version needs to be inherited appropriately in the second version. It will be a new adventure with new places. There are some seemingly human works that have appeared in the game, unknown to what role. Ori will join the small owl, Kuro's orphan, once again rescuing the Nibel forest before a new threat.

The video in Ori and the Will of the Wisps in the video was great, it kept intact the original music that captivated people in the first version. Combined with that is Unity 3D-based graphics full of illusions, making scenes of rain, storms, or in the deep cave of the spider's spider still give off a very subtle color.

The Surge 2

2019 | Deck13 | | Act, RPG

The Surge 2 is a fantasy action role-playing game. Following the event of the first part, the game shows that the Park area in the middle of the city is heavily devastated. With The Hunters sneaky soldiers setting up a range of activities around the area, players will need to be careful about the deadly traps they spread. Upgrading and improving the FLEDGE Engine technology of Deck 13 helped The Surge 2 to have a bigger, more honest world to satisfy the ambition of the production team.

Spelunky 2

2019 | Mossmouth | link | Roguelike platformer

Spelunky is a roguelike game that mixes "plowing dungeon" with a full-fledged design designed by a single game maker – Derek Yu. Since its debut in 2008 as a free download plus open source, the game has attracted a lot of attention from the humor and modding community, as well as being the inspiration of many roguelike games. released later.

Spelunky 2 was announced at last year's Paris Game Week event with a short trailer suggesting that our protagonist will be the adventurer's child in the beginning.

Gears of War 5

2019 | The Coalition | | Shooting 3rd perspective

Gears of War 5 is a sequel to the Gears of War game series developed by Epic Games. This version continues the storyline from Gears 4 but there are points of innovation and innovation in context and graphics.

Gears of War 5 At one point 14 years after E, the Locust forces declared war on the people of Sera, killing and destroying everything. Marcus Fenix ​​is ​​a resilient soldier serving COG who has been imprisoned for 4 years for leaving his job to work separately. The squadron is equipped with a device to detect the hollow cave. On the way, the player will encounter the fierce resistance of Locust forces. After reaching the central area, the Delta squadron installed the Lightmass bomb in order to destroy the entire Locust forces here. The plot sequences are shown through the game's versions.


2019 | Night School Studio | Link Steam | Psave

Night School Studio is an unfamiliar name for mobile gamers, with great games called Oxenfree. But the latest project of Night School Studio really makes O-eye gamer, mouth A: Afterparty. In this game, you will travel to hell when two close friends, Milo and Lola, who have just graduated from college, have an accident that caused both to descend to the land of the dead. Just like in Oxenfree, Afterparty also places your story and choices in the game to get the most desired outcome. You will be led by Satan devils to go around bars, pubs, pubs in hell to "throw", drink, sing karaoke and other games.

Code Vein

2019 | Bandai Namco | Link | Act, RPG

The content of Code Vein will revolve around the battle between The Revenant – who possess special powers but in return must constantly drink blood to maintain life and The Lost – weird creatures wandering around on one Earth in the post-apocalyptic period. The game is built on graphic style in the direction of anime with beautiful spotless characters, not to mention owning unique transformation ability.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

N / A | Ubisoft Montpelier | Link | Adventure, action

This is the next version of Beyond Good and Evil after 16 years of waiting. The trailer was introduced by Ubisoft from the 2017 E3, for some reason the game has been delayed for a long time and must be released this year.

Still a fantasy planet where races live together just like in part 1, Michel Ancel, the director of the game (and the father of Part 1), said the game will be released. Before the events in Part 1, before Jade, the game's protagonist girl came out nearly 15 years ago.

Most likely, Beyond Good And Evil 2 will take the role of role-playing role in the open world, with cities and countries that are both familiar and strange, like the Asian city in the trailer of the game.

Wasteland 3

2019 | inXile Entertainment | | RPG

The sequel to the RPG series is inspired Fallout continues to be well received.

Wasteland 3 Set in the state of Colorado in the western United States, the area outside the realm is mainly desert terrain and rolling mountains but the game has been covered by an endless winter due to the influence of the cases Nuclear explosion. The new ice and snow context promises to bring many difficulties and attractions for the journey of discovering the post-apocalyptic world of players. One of the highlights of Wasteland 3 It is now that the game supports co-op coordination with other players, each of them will control a group of their own soldiers.

Twin Mirror

2019 | DONTNOD Entertainment | link | PAdventure, Role-playing

Twin Mirror is a third-person perspective action adventure game released in 2019 developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

In the first introduction, the game revealed a character that the player will join is a journalist named "Sam", he is making a visit back to his hometown where he once lived. Basswood, West Virginia with a big question even he did not know the answer. And then the strange things also gradually appeared here and it made him curious and began to discover what was going on, even though it scared him.

Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Summer 2019 | Supermassive Games | Link | Horror

The team developed the famous game Until Dawn on PS4 – Supermassive – has just released a new announcement about the horror game collaborating with Bandai Namco called "The Dark Pictures". It is known that the company originally planned to develop the game into a new horror series with the first part named sub-Man of Medan. Similarly Until Dawn, players will be able to choose important decisions throughout the game circuit, resulting in a change in the final result of the game.

Set in the southern Pacific Ocean, the Man of Medan chapter tells about the "casual" American sailors who discovered a mysterious shipwreck from the Second World War. chase the uninvited guests and the player's mission is to lead the group to escape the ghost ship before the storm pulls it back to the sea floor.


N / A | Blindside | Link | Shoulder sharks

With Maneater, The world-wide action role-playing game opens you to the role of a shark seeking revenge against a man who dared to kill his mother. And this bloody revenge takes place on the scale of a resort. Although it may sound crazy, do not assume that this is just a "fun" game, although Maneater is still a simulation game of the most realistic shark life in the framework of … prize. hysterical mind.



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