Summary of upcoming PC 2019 titles - Part 5 (November, December)

Summary of upcoming PC 2019 titles – Part 5 (November, December)

In part 5 of the series "Summarizing upcoming PC 2019 titles", Let's come to the games that will be released later this year (November, December). However, because from now until the end of the year is still quite long, the majority of manufacturers cannot specify the date of their "children". For the time being, we're only temporarily making sure that the following titles will be released later this year. Note that there may still be sudden changes and we will keep you updated.

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Games of November – Games released in November 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release date: November 15 | Developers: Respawn Entertainment | Link | Kind: Action, adventure

Pretty surprised when Respawn, The company has created excellent multiplayer titles like Titanfall and Apex Legends, which will be built Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order focus on single player instead of online. The main character of the game is Cal Kestis, a young Padawan who survives after Order 66 is activated and destroys the Jedi Society. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's gameplay is judged to be deep and combat is the key factor, because players will have to find and exploit enemy weaknesses in different approaches.

Through the Jedi training program, players will learn how to fight as well as how to use Power. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises to bring an innovative battle system with Lighsaber and various supernatural abilities. This is almost certainly a third-person action game. Jedi: Fallen Order promises to bring satisfaction to both movie fans and a "game".

The Settlers (2019)

November 15 | Ubisoft Blue Byte | Link | Simulated city

The Settlers is a 25-year-old game series, its latest installment is the 7th installment released 7 years ago (2012). This year, Ubisoft is in the process of developing the latest installment of this medieval city building simulator game. The game is scheduled for release on November 15.


The release date is unknown | The Farm 51 | Link Steam | Survival horror

Chernobylite is the horror project – the open world combined from The Farm 51, the company behind World War 3 game is also in the process of finishing. As the name suggests, the game takes the theme based on the Chernobyl Disaster, bringing players to competition and survival within the most radioactive pollution area in Ukraine. Chernobylite's story is about a young physicist who went to this land to answer the obsessions about his girlfriend who died 30 years ago due to the disaster. Tucked away in the dense radioactive classes of Chernobyl, the most horrifying series awaits physicists and gamers.

Through the previous demo of The Farm 51, most fans believe that the game has many similarities with the STALKER legend, Chernobylite is the horror genre, the open world – the first most, allowing players to interact freely and explore a beautiful but desolate world to the details of the Isolation Area.

Games of December – Games released in December 2019

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

Release date: N / A | Capcom | | Action, RPG

Console players will enjoy the Iceborn expansion, the largest expansion of Monster Hunter World this year in September, and PC gamers will have to wait until at least December, information from developers. Capcom. To play this version, gamers need to have the original Monster Hunter World. The trailer has introduced 3 big monsters in the icy area named after Iceborn is Velkhana (Elder Dragon Flagship) – Banbaro – Beotodus and the return of Nargacuga – Palico's new revival for the Hunter.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Release date: N / A | Frozenbyte | Link Steam | Adventure, puzzle, 2.5D

The previous part Trine 3 tried and according to many general reviews, it failed in gameplay even though simulating the fairy world from 2D space to 3D space is quite good graphically. In this latest section, Trine 4 will use 2.5D graphics platform. The game will provide a new battle system that allows you to fight enemies right in the character's dream. Also you can get support with 4-player co-op mode.


Release date: N / A | Pixelated Milk | Link Steam | Strategy, RPG

WARSAW is a tactical RPG based on the latest 2D platform from firm. Pixelated Milk. The NSX used the fire-blooded Warsaw * uprising in August 1944 to turn them into the main material for the context of the game. Similar to the Krajowa army, players will also have to present a battle between the ruins of Warsaw and once very beautiful. The player can "walk" to gather resources as well as recruit additional troops to attack the Nazi bars on the street, which is quite similar. This War of Mine – A famous game of 11bit Studio, Polish game company.

* Warszawa rebellion (also known as Warsaw, Warsaw) is a WWII rebellion conducted by Krajowa resistance forces to liberate the city from the Nazis.


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