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Summary of upcoming PC 2019 titles (End)

So we have reached the end of the series "Summary of upcoming PC 2019 titles ". We will continue to introduce the most notable titles released this year. But it is not possible to be sure, the launch time of some games may change suddenly (maybe next year) from the manufacturer.

You can quickly refer to the titles released in other months through the following links (updating):









TBA (P6 – P7 – P8 – P9)

Journey to the Savage Planet

Release date: N / A (Unknown) | Developers: Typhoon Studios | Link | ThYes species: Adventure, Survival

Founded by director Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3. Journey to the Savage Planet is a first-person adventure game, taking players to space, to a mysterious planet. Players have almost no tools other than the essentials for survival, and must determine if the planet can be used for humans. However, the problem here is to test whether you can survive or not.


Release date: N / A (update: 9/8) | Developers: Route 59 | Link Steam | Kind: Visual novel

Game title Necrobarista like a visual novel, set in a Melbourne café, which serves both the living and the dead, or is visited by gangsters, but snob, guys and vandals . Unlike other genre art games often use typical 2D graphics, Necrobarista is shown through 3D movie footage.

Beyond Blue

2019 | E-Line Media | Link Steam | Adventure

Beyond Blue is an adventure game developed by E-Line Media in collaboration with BBC Studios. Set in the extreme ocean exploration, where people can mix with the nature in general or the mysterious but full of charms of the ocean in particular.

Skull and Bones

2019 | Ubisoft | … | Kind: Act

First introduced in 2017, people have more envisioned a life-and-death multiplayer battle on giant pirate battleships. A not bad idea, but there is still something missing to be truly remarkable. But when it came back to Ubisoft's E3 2018, Skull And Bones (SAB for short) has shown that a concept is much larger. SAB has now become a pirate world that maintains online and is shared with everyone who is playing it. This makes it somewhat like Destiny when added to a boat, but its model will be somewhat different. Sea Of Thieves – a pirate multiplayer game has not achieved much success in this playground.

Gears Tactics

2019 | Splash Damage | … | Tactic

Gears Tactics is a Gears of War turn-based strategy game. The game takes place 12 years before the events in the first Gears of War. You can customize your own lineup to combat threats. It is known that the company will transform to gamers more impressed with the tactical system. And of course, as a Gears brand game, the game will have more epic boss battles.

Streets of Rage 4

N / A | Lizardcube, Guard Crush | Link | Beat-em up

Streets of Rage 4 is the latest version in the super series Beat ‘I upload the same scene shot co-developed by Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games, released by DotEmu and SEGA.

Stay faithful to Beat ’em up style, the player plays the protagonist to duel with the opponent, alone against a large group of criminals, making rapid attacks and quick moves. Favorite characters like Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding will still be Streets of Rage 4's soul.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

N / A | Croteam | Link Steam | FPS

Serious Sam, this immersive and immensely addictive series of RPGs will officially launch the sequel this year. The teaser video introduces the main character driving his motorcycle. through a lush countryside, then pass by the famous monster with a headless bomb, and then run straight into a crowd of incoming monsters, reminiscent of the "beautiful memories" of passionate gamers Serious Sam before.

Windjammers 2

2019 | Dotemu | Link | Sport

A 2D sports game with disc throws. Windjammers 2 retains its stunning animation style as in part 1, making each game a beautiful performance with compelling action.

Factory Town

game pc 2019-p9

N / A (Currently Early Access) | Erik Asmussen | Link Steam | City simulation

Build, expand, automate and optimize your own village in a simulation game that mixes tactical style – Factory Town. Take advantage of a variety of labor units, stone, rail transport slopes, transport blocks and conveyors. Start with a few workers and simple work in the wild in the world Factory Town game. Gradually, you will explore the surrounding lands and cut down trees, harvest crops, exploit minerals … then process them to create valuable goods.


2019 | crea-ture Studios | … | Sport

Players who love skateboarding will definitely enjoy the game Session from independent development crea-ture Studios. This type of skateboarding is very familiar to gamers who have "experienced" through the series Tony Hawk’s good Skate.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

2019 | Megagon Industries | link| Sport

A game about the terrain bike sport developed by Megagon Industries. The player will control the character driving a terrain bike, and more specifically the starting point of the journey: "at the top of a mountain". Despite being an indie game, Lonely Mountains Downhill is well-developed in terms of physical laws, such as when you run fast, win over and collide with terrain on the way.


N / A | LEAP Games Studios | Link | Act

Tunche is an action adventure game with beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Gameplay is a combination of classic 2D beat’em up style Streets of Rage 4 with Roguelike elements, hand-drawn 2D graphics and magic from mysterious witches.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

game pc 2019 -p9

2019 | CI Games | … | Shoot figs, sneaky

The latest version of the sniper game series Sniper: Ghost Warriors is in the process of being completed and will be released this year. The word "sniper" in the game has not yet fully covered the game content, since only one of the soldiers is sniper. There will be other missions that are shown in a traditional way, meaning that players can enjoy large and explosive weapons. By changing this game from two different angles, Sniper intends to cover the whole genre of first-person shooter.


2019 | Abbey Games | Link Steam | Simulation

With Godhood, players will be transformed into a new god in the profession and create a belief system just for you with dozens of different dogmas. As a saint who leads mundane people, you will have to create different kinds of rules to guide them to know what morality is.

The Church in the Darkness

2019 | Paranoid Productions | Link Steam | Stealthy action

The Church in the Darkness set in an isolated religious colony called Freedom Town – Freedom Town. This town was founded in a South American rainforest, like a shelter from the oppression of the US government. The role-playing player is hired by the mother of one of the members. The main task is to find out if the person's life is really happy. If not, find ways to get him out so that people don't doubt it.

Some gameplay features have been shown in trailers like sneaky moves, shooting, a small conversation …


2019 | Altered Matter | Link | Solve puzzles

Etherborn is a puzzle game set in an environment where gravity is dramatically changed. The movement mechanism of the game is unique in that: each surface of a game screen has gravity to help the character stand firm, making moving around the environment a form of "puzzle" that people Play must pass. Therefore, each stage of play Etherborn will act as a Rubik's block, challenge the imagination and force gamers to discover and control the gravity mechanism in their sole discretion in order to find the answer and win the game.

Outer Wilds

N / A | Mobius | Link | Adventure

In the Outer Wilds, you will be an astronaut who explores a solar system full of lovely designed planets. Some of the planets in the game are definitely inspired by Mario Galaxy. I really want to sit on my spaceship, fly away and see every strange creature, space station and astronomical phenomenon Mobius Digital brings to us.

Disco Elysium

N / A | ZA / UM | Link | RPG

Disco Elysium is a detective game with a setting set in a fantasy city with RPG-style gameplay. A unique combination, right?

Players will take on the role of a drunk detective to the west of Revachol, a small town facing massive corruption. With Chicago's top killings and the highest level of destruction in Detroit, players must use their detective skills to investigate crimes, explore the environment and interrogate suspects.

Aquanox: Deep Descent

2019 | Digital Arrow | Link Steam | Action, Simulation

Aquanox: Deep Descent lah title shooting game taking the underwater world is highly anticipated in 2019. In the game, The player controls the adventurous ships and participates in fierce battles in the deep sea world Aqua, where humans have lost everything they already have on the ground and have to retreat to the last stronghold – mines and research stations deep below the surface of the sea. Join the warships in Aquanox: Deep Descent with co-op mechanism up to 4 members, giving enemies to eat torpedoes, mines and dozens of other bombs and loot what he has, and repair your ship with debris drifting and Throw away weapons to continue the adventure in the crazy world.


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